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How Long Should makeO aligners be worn for best results?

makeO aligners treatment duration

As you embark on your smile correction journey with makeO toothsi, you will have your personalised toothsi clear aligners delivered to your doorstep. As these aligners apply gentle pressure and push your teeth slowly into their correct positions, the aligners you wear in your first week will not fit you in your third or fourth week. This is why we provide you with different aligner sets based on the number of weeks and the correction you require.

But how do you distinguish between the different sets of aligners you receive and how do you wear them? Find out all you need to know here.

How to distinguish between aligners?

You will receive different aligners every 2-3 weeks as your smile begins to change and your teeth slowly make their way to their correct positions. Every upper aligner is marked ‘U’ and every lower aligner is marked ‘L’.

Now that you know how to differentiate between the upper and the lower aligners, you can find out which aligner you should be wearing in your first 15 days and your 3rd fortnight! Our aligners are marked with U/L along with a number. For example, if the mark is ‘U-3’, then that is an upper aligner that must be worn on your 3rd fortnight. Another example is ‘L-1’ which means it is a lower aligner that must be worn on your first 15 days!

How to wear aligners?

Now that you know how to differentiate between your aligners and which to wear when you should also know how to wear them. Here are 3 main ways of wearing your aligners comfortably:

- Front to back

Try wearing your aligners first in the front and once they comfortably fit your front teeth, slowly wear them on the back teeth. This can be your first way of trying to wear your aligners comfortably.

- Back to front

If you can’t wear your aligners front to back, try the opposite. Press down or up and try to wear the aligners first on the back teeth. Once they are in, slowly wear them on your front teeth.

- Side to side

You can try to wear your aligners on one side first and then try the other side too.

Once your aligners are on, you can use a chewie to bite and make them fit perfectly in your mouth!

Aligner Duration: How Long Do You Wear Aligners?

Are you looking for a convenient option for teeth alignment? If you find braces too much of a commitment and very inconvenient for the lifestyle you lead, then clear aligners are a great option for you. These are plastic trays that gradually apply force on your teeth and move them. Clear aligners can fix crowded teeth, misalignments and crooked teeth too!

Wondering how long the correct aligners treatment duration is? It all depends on your misalignment and the degree of correction required. Simple misalignment takes a shorter time and for more complicated corrections the aligner duration could even take 18 months!

Every few weeks, clear aligners are changed for different pairs to promote more teeth movement which results in the perfect smile.

Stages of Teeth Alignment Treatment

If you are thinking about choosing invisible aligners for your teeth, there are a few stages of teeth alignment treatment to know about.

1. Dental consultation:

You need to visit an orthodontist to understand if your teeth even need aligners. They will assess your jaw and teeth and understand the dental issues you have. They will then make a plan and suggest treatment methods. If your orthodontist suggests clear aligners as a way of treating your misalignment, then you are eligible for this line of treatment!

2. Book a 3D scan

Once the dentist or the expert charts out a plan for your teeth, your teeth and jaw will be 3D scanned. This not only helps the expert really understand your issues but helps create the right clear aligners for you.

3. Wearing aligners and monitoring progress:

The minimum time for braces or aligners to be worn daily is 22 hours! If you want to see progress in your braces treatment time, then you must wear your aligners daily for 22 hours a day. Your progress will be monitored by a dentist during the treatment.

Factors Affecting Orthodontic Treatment Time

Now that you understand how clear aligners work and the entire teeth alignment treatment, you must know the time period of wearing braces or clear aligners too. There is one main factor that affects the braces treatment time and that is the nature or the complexity of the teeth.

If the misalignments are minor, corrections can take 6-8 months. In case of more complex misalignments, the braces treatment time can take 9-18 months. While you may not know about your dental issues, it is safe to assume that your dental braces time period can be 12 months (on average).

To begin your invisible aligner journey today, choose makeO toothsi, a leading oral care brand that produces exceptional clear aligners that are backed by 100+ orthodontists and dentists and meet international standards. Perfect your smile this year with makeO toothsi!


Do braces work in 3 months?

No, 3 months is not even the minimum time for braces! The average time for braces to work effectively is 12 months. In many complex cases, the time taken for braces treatment is about 18 months or 2 years.

What's the minimum time for braces?

The minimum time for braces is a few months. Simple misalignments can be resolved within 6 months too.

How long do aligners take to straighten teeth?

The time period for braces or aligners to do their job varies as per the severity. For clear aligners like makeO toothsi clear aligners, the duration is anywhere between 6-18 months depending on the type of correction required.

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