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How Metal Braces Straighten Your Teeth?


Dental braces have been used for years by orthodontists to help people straighten their pearly whites. They are effective, durable and give the desired results in a few months if worn correctly.

But have you ever been curious about how metal braces actually work to give you straight teeth? In this article, we will explore more about how metal braces work to fix your misaligned teeth, what happens before and after braces, how long they take, do they hurt and many other important questions related to metal braces.

Types of Braces & Cost

There are different types of braces available in the market today right from traditional metal braces, ceramic braces to lingual braces and invisible braces. When it comes to choosing between one of these, you need to keep in mind several factors like your orthodontic issue, personal preference, duration of the treatment and your budget.

Your orthodontists will study your case and accordingly recommend braces that are best for your scenario. Wondering about how much metal braces cost? Typically, they will cost you anywhere between Rs 30,000 to 70,000.

How Do Metal Braces Work?

Metal braces put constant pressure on your teeth and they gradually shift the position of your teeth and reshape your jaw. There is a membrane beneath your gums that roots your teeth to your jawbone. Metal braces put pressure on this membrane which controls your teeth’s position and successfully shifts your teeth to their ideal location.

When you get metal braces, brackets are glued to your teeth which help in evenly putting pressure on your teeth. Next, there are bands that are placed around these brackets which add pressure to your jawbone. You also have archwires that are connected to your brackets which happen to be the primary mechanism that makes it possible for your braces to shift your teeth to their desired position.

Do Braces Move Your Teeth Every Day?

No, though braces put constant pressure on your teeth, they don’t move your teeth every day. You will feel your teeth sore just after you get your braces adjusted but on some days your braces are just holding your teeth in their newly shifted location.

How Long It Takes for Braces to Straighten Teeth?

The treatment period depends on how severe your orthodontic issue is and how well you follow all the instructions given to you by your orthodontist. Typically, it takes anywhere between one to three years for traditional braces to fix your misaligned teeth and give you straight teeth.

Do Braces Hurt?

In most cases, the process of getting braces is not painful, however, the process of getting adjusted to wearing braces can be a nuisance. You might experience a dull soreness, tenderness or throbbing after you get your braces.

Choose makeO toothsi Clear Aligners to Get Straight Pearly Whites

Looking for a more convenient and hassle-free teeth straightening experience? makeO toothsi clear aligners are what you must get your hands on. They won’t cause you much discomfort, are easy to remove and re-wear and the best part is that they are invisible and discreet, unlike the ugly traditional braces.

Want to get healthy teeth and gums in 2023? Why not elevate your dental care regime by bringing home modern and technologically advanced makeO toothsi dental care products? Whether you want to buy a smart toothbrush, water flosser or an at-home teeth straightening kit, we have them all and more! Now, say goodbye to poor oral hygiene and hello to a gorgeous smile with makeO toothsi.


Are metal braces more painful than clear aligners?

Yes, metal braces are any day more painful than clear aligners. Some of the side effects of metal braces are tender, swollen and bruised gums.

What are some of the major disadvantages of metal braces?

Metal braces can irritate your gums and lips, they require you to follow certain food restrictions, they are extremely uncomfortable and above all they are not at all discreet.

How do braces change face shape?

Braces can change your jawline, the shape of the lips, mouth and chin, which in turn can change your face shape.

How many days after braces can I eat?

It takes about 24 hours for the adhesive used to stick the brackets on your teeth to dry completely. However, it doesn’t get affected much by your eating as long as you stick to softer food for the first couple of days after you get your braces.

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