How can you fix an overbite with clear aligners?


Jun 18th

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Overbite is a common dental problem people face, which could range from slight to severe. Irrespective of the degree of severity, it is important to get your overbite treated; otherwise, it can lead to oral problems.To help you keep away from such problems and get your teeth straightened smoothly, we’ve got a perfect solution for you - A set of clear teeth aligners!

Clear aligners are one of the most innovative orthodontic treatments to correct an overbite asthey don’t involve uncomfortable and unattractive braces, rather just invisible, weightless and easy-to-handle braces!

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To help you relate better, we’ve mentioned two major types of overbites:

• Horizontal Overbite

When your top teeth protrude from the front of the bottom teeth.

• Vertical Overbite

When your top teeth significantly overlap your bottom teeth.

Why is It Important To Correct an Overbite?

1. Prevent Tooth and Gum Damage

When you have an overbite, your teeth are not properly aligned. And teeth in the front might rub against each other now and then. This rubbing might result in damage to your enamel, the topmost part of your tooth, which acts as armour to protect your teeth from bacteria and other problems. And, without enamel, your teeth arevulnerable to cavities, gum diseases, etc. Therefore, it is vital to get your teeth straightened as soon you can and be free from such worries.

2. Prevent Jaw Pain And TMJ Disorder

When your jaw is misaligned due to overbite , you constantly put pressure on the joint that connects your jaw to the skull,damaging the jointover time and causing TMJ disorder. It further leads to headaches, ringing in the ear, jaw soreness, etc. and might create difficulty in eating, yawning, speaking, etc. To save yourself from such complexities, itis important to get your teeth straightened in time.

3. Correct Your Facial Structure

Believe it or not, an overbite may change your facial structure. And this majorly happens in cases where overbite is due to the forward-thrusting upper jawbone as your lower jawbone sits behind your upper jawbone, resulting in less pronounced cheekbones and chin. However, if you get your teeth straightened with clear aligners you can have a sharper jawline, making your face look thinner.

4. Correct Speech Impediment

Did you know that an overbite can even cause speech impediments such as lisps? And why does this happen? It is because your tongue doesn’t hit the roof of your mouth or teeth as it is supposed to, making it difficult for you to pronounce a few words and letters.

Combined with speech therapy, correcting your overbite can help you overcome a speech impediment.

How Can Clear Aligners Fix An Overbite?

Clear aligners are one of the best and hassle-free ways to get your teeth straightened, as you need not deal with complex metal braces anymore. These clear plastic aligners are invisible, comfortable and removable!

Clear aligners fix overbites by applying constant pressure on the teeth. And this pressure helps in moving teeth to their optimal position, helping fix overbite and straighten your teeth. For effective results, we advise people to wear their aligners throughout the day and during sleeping hours. You can easily take off your clear aligners while having your meals, brushing and flossing your teeth, etc.

Over time, the location of your teeth keeps changing a bit. And, to track this movement, we at toothsi regularly monitor your teeth and plan our next action accordingly. As you move through different clear aligners, your uneven bite and jaw shifts to the optimal position, resulting in straight teeth. By the end of the process, you can create the perfect smile you have dreamt of!

Are you pondering over the compromises you’ll have to make? You can be worry-free about that as all you need to do is book a consultation with us.We’ll take over the teeth straightening processsmoothly with the best clear dental aligners!

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