Gingivectomy:A Complete Guide to Gum Contouring

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Are you conscious of your gums every time you smile? While some people have low gums, some have high and some have the misfortune of having an uneven gum line.

Gum contouring, also referred to as gingival sculpting or gingivectomy is a dental procedure where your orthodontists will reshape your gums to give you a desired gumline. Besides cosmetic reasons, there are several reasons why your orthodontist might suggest you consider going for gum contouring.

Intrigued to understand gum contouring in depth. You have stumbled upon the right blog. Continue reading to know everything you must know about gum contouring, from its benefits and costing to who should consider getting it done.

What is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is a process in which your dentist or periodontist will remove excess gum tissue from around your teeth and resculpt your gum line to give you the desired gum line. People who suffer from a gum recession opt for gum contouring. Through this procedure they will be able to restore their gum tissues.

When & Why Should You Get A Gum Contouring Surgery?

Most of the time people go for a gum contouring surgery for cosmetic reasons. However, in some cases, your periodontist may suggest you consider gum contouring to restore your gum’s health and treat severe gum diseases.

So, to conclude, anyone who is not content with the way their gum line looks or people who have certain gum diseases can consider going for a gum contouring.

How is Gum Contouring Done?

It is an in-office procedure and your periodontist will start by giving you local anaesthesia. Typically, it takes around 2 hours for a gingivectomy session, depending on the severity of your dental condition.

During the procedure, your periodontist will remove the excess gum tissue from your gums using a scalpel. If you suffer from receding gums, then your dentist or periodontist will remove tissue from another part of your mouth and add it to your gums.

Gum Contouring Costs

The cost of the gum contouring procedure depends from person to person as it is affected by several factors like where you get it done, the experience of the periodontist and the complexity of your gum condition.

Typically, it will cost you anywhere between Rs 8,000- Rs 90,000, depending on whether you want to get it done for one tooth or all your front teeth.

Gum Contouring Recovery & Things To Keep In Mind

Gum contouring will require you a downtime of at least a day or two and it might take you several days or weeks to recover completely.

Here are some handy tips that will help you have a smooth gum contouring experience:

  • You can consider taking over-the-counter pain medications after consulting your doctor.
  • Avoid taking Aspirin as it will cause you excessive bleeding.
  • If you notice severe bleeding or swelling post your gum reduction procedure, see your periodontist or dentist immediately.
  • Indulge in soft and cold food items like ice cream, cold soups, yoghurt, cheese and pasta for a few days after your treatment to ensure that you don’t make your gums work too much.

The Final Verdict

Gum contouring is a common dental procedure that will help you get a beautiful gum line that will improve your smile. If you are considering it for a cosmetic reason, we recommend that you do your homework and consult your periodontist before you take the final call.

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Can you eat spicy food immediately after a gum contouring treatment?

Avoid eating spicy food until your gums have healed properly after you get a gum contouring treatment.

What to do before gum surgery?

Rest and limit your activities on the day of the procedure. Make sure that you discuss your medical history and other concerns with your periodontist before you book a gum contouring appointment.

Is gum contouring covered through dental insurance?

Keep in mind that gum reshaping is often not covered under dental insurance as it is considered as cosmetic surgery.

Is gum contouring procedure painful?

You will be given local anaesthesia so you might not feel any pain during your gum contouring procedure. However, you might feel tenderness and numbness in your gums for a few hours or a day or two post your procedure.

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