Can Teeth Become Crooked with Age?


It is a common misconception that your teeth change their position only during your early childhood stages. Your teeth can keep changing their position gradually even after you have entered adulthood. There is a significant correlation between ageing and dental health as your teeth experience a variety of forces throughout your whole lifetime.

How do Your Teeth Change with Age?

A lot of factors are involved when you consider the changes that take place with regards to teeth and age. We are constantly using our teeth while chewing and biting various kinds of food which exerts pressure on them. As you start ageing, your jaw and teeth health can start deteriorating due to constant wear and tear which can lead to crooked teeth.

Do Teeth Become Crooked with Age?

You can also experience the formation of crooked teeth in early childhood as you start losing milk teeth to allow the growth of permanent teeth. During this process, you need to take proper care as neglecting your teeth health can lead to the formation of crooked teeth. When you lose teeth, the spacing and pressure between your teeth structure changes. Pair this with improper dental habits and you will experience crooked teeth with age.

Reasons for Teeth Misalignment with Age

Several factors can lead to teeth getting crooked with age. Let’s look at the reasons that will help you to understand the relationship between teeth and age for teeth misalignment.

1. Constant Wear and Tear

Your teeth go through wear and teeth with time while eating as you are constantly biting, chewing, and grinding them. These motions put a significant amount of stress on your teeth regularly which can lead to teeth becoming crooked as you age. Also, the health of your teeth as you age can start deteriorating which affects the ability of teeth to maintain their ideal position.

2. Improper Dental Care

An effective teeth care routine is essential to maintain the health of your ageing teeth. If you neglect the health of your teeth, you can lose teeth with time due to severe dental issues such as cavities and tooth decay. Losing teeth due to such issues can affect the positioning of your teeth leading them to shift and become crooked.

3. Third Molar Teeth

Third molar teeth, also known as wisdom teeth, erupt between the age of 18-24 at the very end of your both upper and lower teeth. In some cases, the third molars grow smoothly, and they fit in the already existing teeth structure. However, in the majority of cases, they don’t erupt similarly and the molar teeth can lead to teeth crowding as they try to fit in with time.

4. Not Using Retainers Properly

If you have gone through a crooked teeth treatment with the use of either braces or aligners, you need to wear your retainers as prescribed to maintain your results. The treatment of teeth after the correction process doesn’t end there, you have to wear retainers properly to maintain your crooked teeth treatment. Your dental health after your teeth correction treatment needs to be maintained to avoid crooked teeth in the future.

How To Treat Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth and jaws are best treated by orthodontic treatment. The treatment would involve wearing braces or invisible aligners to correct your jaw issues and align your lower and upper jaw to correct your bite as well. This may take up to a few months or even a year depending on the severity of your jaw misalignment. At makeO toothsi, you can do a 3d scan of your jaw and book an at-home consultation with a makeO toothsi pro. The makeO toothsi pro will visit you and diagnose your alignment issue. Once this is done, you will be sent customised clear aligners for alignment and your progress will be monitored virtually. Once the alignment is done, you may have to wear retainers. As the teeth move to the desired position, it is also highly likely that they may start moving back to their original position once the braces or aligners are off. Hence, it is important to wear retainers for a few years as advised by the orthodontist to retain your braces treatment results.


Your teeth are prone to be crooked even after your childhood and you need to take care of certain factors to avoid crooked teeth in your adulthood. However, if you are looking for the treatment of teeth for misalignment, then you can check out high-quality clear aligners from makeO toothsi. The clear aligners from makeO toothsi can fix various teeth alignment issues such as teeth gaps, uneven bite, and crooked teeth. You can start your teeth straightening process with a pricing plan starting from ₹3,219/month.


1. What causes crooked teeth?

Various factors such as having an underbite, overbite, crowded teeth, the shape and size of your jaw, poor dental health, third molar teeth, etc. can lead to crooked teeth. Having crooked teeth can also be due to genetic reasons.

2. Can you fix one crooked tooth?

Yes, you can fix one crooked tooth as there are various options that you can consider for fixing it. A single crooked tooth can be easily fixed with clear aligners in a shorter time.

3. How can I fix my crooked teeth naturally?

You cannot fix your crooked teeth naturally as the base of your teeth is fixed to your jaw through connecting tissues. You need to fix your crooked teeth through the use of orthodontic techniques such as the use of aligners or braces.

4. Can crooked teeth get worse with age?

Yes, you can experience misalignment of your teeth with age as the positioning of your lips can be altered with age. Other factors such as tooth loss, and poor dental age of your teeth can also lead to crooked teeth.

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