Unmasking the Mystery of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

cracked tooth syndrome treatments

Have you been experiencing sudden discomfort in chewing your food or unusual tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods? If yes, then there is a possibility that you might have a cracked tooth. The pain you feel when you have a cracked tooth is not consistent and if the crack is too tiny, it may be difficult to locate.

Not giving it the medical attention it needs can lead to an increase in pain and discomfort over a period of time. In this article, we are going to talk in detail about cracked tooth syndrome, how to know if you have it, its causes and the most effective treatment methods. Stay tuned to the end of the article to learn about the most advanced oral care tools that you must have.

What is Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

A cracked tooth syndrome, as the name suggests, is a fracture or crack in the tooth. It is usually easily identifiable but when the crack is too tiny, it can be hard to diagnose. A tooth consists of two parts- the outer crown and the inner root. The outer crown consists of three layers- Enamel, Dentin and the Pulp. A tooth crack can affect some or all of these layers. The good part is that it is curable and the treatment method depends on the location and severity of the crack.

Symptoms of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

If the crack is minor and does not cause any pain or discomfort to the patient then it does not necessarily need to be treated. However, if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort then it is necessary to seek medical attention. Below is the list of cracked tooth syndrome symptoms that will let you know whether or not you have cracked tooth syndrome.

  • Pain while chewing or biting
  • Swelling in the gums around the affected tooth
  • Sudden sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods
  • Pain every now and then

Causes of cracked tooth syndrome

There can be several reasons behind a cracked tooth syndrome. Some of them are:

- Age

Many people tend to experience cracked teeth after the age of 50.

- Hard foods

Chewing on hard candies, ice, seeds or popcorn kernels can lead to a cracked tooth.

- Certain Dental Treatments

Certain dental treatments like large dental fillings or root canals can weaken the tooth.

- Teeth grinding

If you have a habit of teeth grinding, there is a possibility that you might experience tooth cracks.

- Trauma

This is the most obvious and common cause of cracked teeth. Trauma like an injury, accident or physical violence can result in a fractured tooth.

- Treatment

The cracked tooth syndrome treatments largely depend on the severity of the crack and its location. However, some of the common treatment options are mentioned below.

  1. You can have the chipped or broken piece of tooth glued back on with the help of a professional
  2. Bonding is the process of using plastic resin to repair the crack
  3. Your dentist may also use dental fillings to fix the cracked tooth
  4. You may opt for a dental crown, which is like a cap that is fixed on top of your natural tooth.

Note: If the crack in your tooth has reached the pulp of the tooth, then opting for a root canal becomes necessary. If the crack is worse, the dentist may suggest extraction of the tooth altogether.

How can cracked teeth be prevented?

There are a few preventive measures that you can follow to ensure that your teeth stay intact.

  • Try to avoid foods that are too tough on your teeth. This includes ice, popcorn kernel, hard candies, etc.
  • Work on habits that weaken your teeth like grinding, biting or chewing on pens.
  • Try to avoid clenching your teeth
  • If you engage in sports or games that may damage your teeth, always wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth
  • Follow proper oral hygiene and take good care of your gums for optimal oral health.

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How long can you go with a cracked tooth?

If you get a chipped or cracked tooth, you should go no more than two weeks before seeking professional help to treat it.

Is it possible to fix a cracked tooth?

Yes, cracked or broken teeth can be treated by your dentist in multiple ways. They can either use dental fillings, root canals, crowns or veneers to fix your cracked tooth.

Can you brush if you have a cracked tooth?

Yes, you can brush your teeth if you have a cracked tooth. But remember to be gentle on your teeth to prevent further damage or any kind of pain.

Can you fix a cracked tooth naturally at home?

You can reduce the pain caused by cracked teeth at home using natural remedies but there are no natural cracked tooth syndrome treatments, it needs a professional’s assistance.

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