Braces in Adulthood: Is it Possible to Correct Your Teeth Once You’re Older?

braces in adulthood

A gleaming white smile can light up any room and make you the one to watch out for. However, having misaligned teeth, or crooked teeth can impact the way you feel about your smile and reduce your confidence. Many assume that there’s nothing that can be done about it and give up as it’s common knowledge that children and teens get braces and that young age is the best time to get braces. While that may be true, it’s also very possible to get your teeth corrected much later on in your life!

In this blog, we'll explore the options available for teeth braces for adults, and aligners for teens, and help you understand if there's a teeth alignment age limit.

Is There an Age Limit to Getting Braces?

Contrary to popular belief, no, there’s no teeth alignment age limit that holds back adults from fixing their smiles. Both teens and adults can go through orthodontic treatment to fix misalignments, bite issues and other corrections. While it is true that childhood is a great time to get your teeth fixed as children have malleable bones that make orthodontic treatment easier, aligners or braces in adulthood too can provide similar effective results.

Benefits of Aligners for Adults

Aligners are a modern alternative to braces. They are an orthodontic treatment option that comes without metal wires, frames and screws, hence feeling more comfortable on the teeth. They’re typically custom-fit, invisible and very easy to remove which makes many adults’ lives easier. Here are all the added benefits of aligners for adults that you should know about:

1. Improved Oral Health

Teeth straightening with clear aligners not only enhances the aesthetics of your smile but also contributes to improved oral health. How? They straighten out teeth, making them easier to clean and therefore reducing chances of plaque buildup, gum disease and bad breath.

2. Boost in Self-Confidence

Aligners for teens and braces in adulthood can work wonders on your self-confidence and energy. A prettier, more aligned smile can positively impact how you feel about yourself, and your social and professional life too.

3. Comfortable Orthodontic Treatment

Clear aligners, like makeO toothsi, are a popular choice for adult teeth straightening due to their comfort and convenience. They are virtually invisible, making them an ideal option for adults who want a discreet orthodontic treatment.

4. Fewer Visits to the Dentist

Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners require fewer visits to the dentist for adjustments. This saves time and makes the treatment more convenient for busy adults.

5. Customisable Treatment Plans

The best orthodontist for adults will create a tailored treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals. This ensures that you receive the most effective teeth straightening solution for your unique dental situation.

6. Saves money

Straightening your teeth now can boost your oral health, prevent future dental issues and hence help you save money on future consultations. Choosing makeO toothsi aligners can even save you travel time by going to and fro for consultations and tightening sessions that you might have required if you had chosen braces!

How Long Does Teeth Straightening for Adults Take?

The duration of a teeth straightening treatment for adults depends on the kind of correction required. It can be determined based on your dental issues, the type of braces or aligners you choose, and your commitment to the treatment. On average, teeth braces for adults can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months. It’s best to consult with an orthodontist to get more accurate and specific timelines for your case.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Ageless Smile with makeO toothsi

The bottom line is that there’s no teeth alignment age limit for adults and you can get your smile corrected at any age! You can choose between teeth braces for adults or the more comfortable and discreet option - aligners to make this journey easier. The key is to choose an experienced orthodontist who will take you through the whole process and help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

makeO toothsi can be your one-stop destination for teeth straightening. We offer a range of orthodontic solutions, including clear aligners for adults and teens, to help you achieve that perfect smile. Backed by professional dentists from across the country, our solutions are perfect for the modern adult. So, if you're ready to transform your smile and boost your confidence, it's time to explore makeO toothsi and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.


Can adults benefit from braces treatment, or is it only suitable for younger people?

Braces are suitable for all, young and old. Teens and adults alike can enjoy the benefits of braces and prevent further dental issues with this orthodontic treatment.

What are the advantages of choosing clear aligners over traditional teeth braces for adult teeth straightening?

Clear aligners, such as makeO toothsi, offer several benefits for adult teeth straightening, including improved oral health, a boost in self-confidence, comfortable orthodontic treatment, fewer visits to the dentist, and customizable treatment plans. They are also virtually invisible, making them a discreet option for braces in adulthood.

How do I choose the best orthodontist for adults to help with my teeth alignment needs?

To find the best orthodontist for adults, consider their experience and expertise in adult teeth straightening, the variety of treatment options they offer (such as aligners for teens and teeth braces for adults), their reputation, and the convenience of their clinic location. If you’re confused about orthodontists and find the whole thing to be a hassle, you can also check out makeO toothsi. We have experienced dentists from across the country to help you out virtually, and our worry-free aligners are home-delivered to you so you never have to step out to correct your smile!

Is there a significant difference in treatment duration between braces in adulthood and teens?

The duration of adult teeth straightening treatments can vary depending on factors like the severity of the dental issue and the type of braces or aligners chosen. Since teens have malleable bones, they might take a shorter time to correct their teeth. On average, teens may take 6-18 months, whereas, adults may take 12-24 months!

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