Dental Wax for Braces: What You Should Know

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We all know that traditional braces can be painful, uncomfortable and cause scratches on your gums. That is why dental wax or braces wax was invented. Also known as orthodontic wax, it helps to soothe and alleviate the discomfort caused by braces.

Never heard of dental wax before? You have stumbled upon the right blog. Read along as we unfold everything you need to know about dental wax- advantages, how to use them, and more.

Benefits of Dental Wax for Braces

Dental wax for braces is a boon to people who are considering opting for braces to fix their orthodontic issues. Here are some brilliant benefits of dental wax on braces.

- Prevents injury

It’s no secret that your gums get bruises and scratches every time your braces come in contact with your gums and rub against them. How can you avoid this?

Dental wax on braces creates a barrier between the wires of your braces and your mouth and prevents injury to your mouth when you are wearing braces.

- Helps your sores to heal

Mouth sores are not uncommon when you are wearing braces. They are painful, frustrating and take a long time to heal. To top it off, if you wear your braces while you have mouth sores, then it is a recipe for disaster.

That is where ortho wax for braces comes in handy. They create a barrier between your braces and gums and allow your mouth sores to heal faster.

- Easy to use

Both adults and kids can use braces wax. They are easy to put on and remove and are effective in helping you manage your traditional dental braces better.

- Affordable

Ortho wax doesn't cost you an arm and leg. They are affordable and easily available in the market today.

How to Apply Wax to Braces?

Applying wax to your braces is easy. Here are some simple steps that must be followed.

  • Wash your hands and brush your teeth to prevent bacterial infection.
  • Take a piece of wax and squeeze it until it becomes soft.
  • Roll this wax into a ball and flatten it nicely.
  • Now, you just have to push the wax onto the painful areas in your mouth where your braces poke.
  • A pro tip is to use your tongue to adjust the wax.

Understanding Dental Wax for Braces

Dental wax for braces helps to protect your gums from the sharp edges of your metal braces. Braces wax is solid at room temperature. However, you can soften it with your hands and use them to create a barrier between your metal braces and gums.

The Takeaway

Dental wax or orthodontic wax is safe and natural and can be used to seek relief from pain and discomfort caused by metal braces.

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Is dental wax safe for your mouth?

Yes, dental wax is totally safe to have in your mouth and there are no side effects of using it to soothe your braces journey.

What is dental wax made of?

Dental wax or ortho wax is made from carnauba wax, beeswax, microcrystalline, or paraffin wax extracted from petroleum. It might also contain a few other ingredients like mint which add flavour and texture to your dental wax.

Is it normal to accidentally eat braces wax?

You might end up accidentally swallowing a little orthodontic wax when you are chewing or talking. However, this is nothing to fret over and is completely normal and harmless.

Can dental wax be used during the initial stage of your teeth straightening?

Yes, you can use dental wax for braces while you are getting accustomed to wearing braces. Dental wax helps you to ease into wearing braces and it soothes and relieves braces pain and discomfort.

Can you treat mouth sores caused by braces with dental wax?

Yes, braces wax can be used as a temporary fix for mouth sores that are caused by metal braces. We recommend you see your dentist if your mouth sores take longer than normal to heal.

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