Top 5 Oral care tips to keep in mind this Diwali 2023

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Diwali is just around the corner and we are sure everyone’s festive spirits are as high as they can get. Although, also called “The Festival of Lights”, Diwali also brings an extravaganza of flavours, aromas and culinary traditions. As we indulge in the sweet and savoury goodness of Diwali delicacies, let’s not forget about their effects on our oral health.

Consuming excessive sugary and acidic foods can have a significant impact on our oral health, resulting in unpleasant experiences like tooth decay after the festivities. This Diwali, let us find a way to indulge in our favourite festive foods while being mindful of our oral health. These oral hygiene tips are a must-read if you want to enjoy the Diwali special succulent dishes to the fullest while protecting your radiant smile.

Top 5 Tips To Maintain Your Dental Health This Diwali 2023

1. Switch to a sensitive toothpaste for sensitive teeth

We love enjoying and exchanging mouth watering sweets with friends and family during Diwali. While stocking your refrigerator with different kinds of sweets and grabbing a couple of bites every now and then sounds like a dream, it can be problematic for people with sensitive teeth. If you love eating sweets but feel a sharp pain in your teeth after eating them, it can be tooth sensitivity. You can try switching to a sensitive toothpaste and toothbrush to ease the pain.

2. Enjoy your desserts before your meals

Diwali means your refrigerator will be brimming with all different kinds of desserts. While these have a melt-in-the-mouth texture, some sweets can be sticky and hard to chew. If you are served with a dessert that is hard to sticky in texture, you might want to eat the dessert first and then the rest of your meal. This will reduce the probability of the food being stuck in your teeth for a long time after you are done eating.

3. Try to avoid coloured foods

Although edible, food colours tend to leave a stain on the teeth if consumed excessively. Try to stay away from heavily coloured or highly acidic sweets and drinks to prevent discolouration of your teeth.

4. Do not skip brushing and flossing every day

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is non-negotiable if you are enjoying a lot of festive-special foods. Since you will gorge on everything that is sweet, salty and crunchy, there are high chances your oral health might get affected. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss every day to get rid of the food residues between the teeth. It is also a good practice to clean your tongue every day. Additionally, make sure to rinse your mouth with water thoroughly after each meal to remove any stuck food particles in the mouth.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking enough water regulates the amount of saliva produced in the mouth, which is the natural rinser. Make sure to drink enough water to ensure proper salvation in the mouth and prevent overeating.

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You can make the most of the Diwali spirit, succulent foods, sweets and drinks while keeping your oral health intact by keeping these tips in mind. Sugary, acidic or coloured foods might not show their effects on the teeth immediately, so if you face any dental issues post the festivities, you can either walk-in for a free consultation or get in touch with our makeO experts from our website or app. Contact our makeO toothsi experts and see how we can help you light up your smile and cherish the moments of togetherness this Diwali, knowing that your dental health is in good hands.


Is there a way to enjoy Diwali sweets without harming the teeth?

You can indulge in sweet and sugary delight this Diwali guilt-free by maintaining proper oral hygiene, drinking enough water and enjoying the sweets in moderation.

Should you brush immediately after eating sweets?

Contrary to the contrary belief, it is not recommended to brush your teeth immediately after eating something sweet, sticky or acidic. Wait for at least 30 minutes for the saliva to naturally neutralise the pH levels of the mouth before you brush your teeth.

What kind of festive treats are less harmful to the teeth?

You can indulge in less sugary treats like dry fruits and dark chocolate desserts to enjoy a sweet delight while keeping your oral health intact.

Should you visit a dentist after Diwali for optimal oral health?

Regardless of the festivities, it is always a good idea to pay regular visits at your dentist’s clinic. As a measure of extra precaution, you can see your dentist after Diwali to ensure that your teeth are in good shape and catch any potential problems early.

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