5 big names who wore aligners – part 1


We love our favorite celebrities, don’t we? We love someone’s eyes, hair, performance, or style. Apart from all that, we love their smiles. (No surprises there!) They can steal hearts with those perfect smiles. Well, you know what? You can also mesmerize people with your smile - just like them!

Believe it or not, some major celebs went down the smile makeover road and used cleared aligners to get their picture-perfect smiles. Why don’t we look at 5 such celebrities who used aligners?

1. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, can be seen flashing her perfectly beautiful smile in every single picture. However, she wasn’t born with it. Isn’t it weirdly comforting to know that even the royals have smile concerns!

She used clear aligners 6 months prior to the royal wedding. A French orthodontist recommended the use of aligners so that she gets a perfect smile in time for the much-awaited wedding. And, she got that enchanting princess smile just in time for her wedding.

2. Oprah Winfrey

Did you know Oprah stated that she hated the natural look of her teeth? One of the most wealthy and influential people on the planet was conscious of her smile! So, she decided to do something about it. She went for clear aligners.

This was during the time her talk show was still on. Clear aligners’ invisibility gave her the confidence to wear them on camera. Since then, she’s been spreading joy through her smile.

3. Tom Cruise

Who would have thought the Mission-Impossible star’s million-dollar smile was corrected using clear aligners? It all started when he took his kids to a dentist where he was told his front teeth of the upper jaw were not central to his face and were crooked.

So, what did he do? He used a combination of ceramic brackets along with clear aligners to correct his smile. Thanks to that smile plan, he now flashes his smile more confidently and continues to win hearts.

4. Justin Bieber

A wave of screaming teenage girls is what comes to mind when we say, Justin Bieber. As he shot to fame in his teens, he realized he didn’t have the perfect smile that he wanted. Instead of opting for metal braces, he went for invisible braces as a teenager.

Justin has been open about his journey with clear aligners and talked about his experience in some of his YouTube videos. Long story short, he was extremely satisfied with the results of the aligners.

5. Serena Williams

Serena Williams needs no introduction. She’s one of the top tennis players in history and a powerhouse, to say the least. She has to face the media after every match and there was something that made her conscious as a teenager – her smile.

She went ahead and used clear aligners to correct her smile. Now, we are lucky to watch her beautiful smile every time she pops up on the screen or wins yet another major trophy.

If these celebrities can go for clear aligners to correct their smiles, so can you. Don’t hide your smile anymore. Go for clear aligners and proudly show off your smile. Book a scan session with us and get started on your smile makeover journey.

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