dental health post teeth straightening

dental health post teeth straightening

misaligned or crooked teeth can affect your dental health, and often pave the way for several issues like gum diseases and tooth decay. apart from these, crooked teeth may affect your smile, personality and the way you appear, which can further hamper your self-esteem.

thankfully, with the advancement in the dental arena, you can now opt for a teeth straightening process to correct your teeth misalignment comfortably. in this article, we have explained the importance of embracing the teeth alignment process, how to maintain dental health post the teeth alignment process and the effective ways to treat misalignment.

why is teeth straightening important?

wondering why you should say yes to the teeth straightening process? the advanced teeth correction process benefits you in the following ways:

  • the teeth straightening process enables you to enhance dental health.
  • the process helps you clean your teeth easily.
  • the teeth alignment process makes it easier to chew.
  • by opting for this process you can also improve speech deliverability

now you have the answers to why straight teeth are important. currently, there are numerous teeth correction options available for you. however, if you’re looking for a comfortable smile makeOver process, makeO toothsi can be your best bet. why? read on!

try makeO toothsi aligners for teeth straightening

india’s leading clear aligner brand, makeO toothsi has designed and improved 1,50,000+ smiles over the past 5 years. backed by state-of-the-art technology and experience, the orthodontists associated with the smile makeOver program have been able to introduce makeO toothsi invisible aligners that promise a comfortable and affordable teeth straightening process.

what are invisible aligners, you ask? invisible aligners are a type of teeth aligners that are designed to correct your misaligned teeth and other issues like overbite, etc. invisible aligners put gentle pressure on your teeth and make all the misaligned ones gradually move to the desired position. when you opt for this process and wear these aligners, this product becomes invisible to the naked eye, hence the name- invisible aligners.

below listed are some of the advantages of wearing makeO toothsi invisible aligners

  • one of the principal benefits of the teeth alignment process (with invisible aligners) is that these products are easily removable. You can remove it while eating, brushing or anytime you want.
  • these products are invisible, which means you can wear clear aligners without letting anyone else notice.
  • you can eat food with nil to minimal restrictions.
  • you can easily maintain this product.
  • one of the major benefits of the teeth alignment process, especially using invisible aligners, is that you can comfortably complete the process as wire attachment is not involved in this process.
  • the clinic visits are fewer (0-4 times a year) in this process.

note: you have to wear invisible aligners for at least 22 hours a day and you have to change those aligners after every 45-50 days. how much time should you invest to get straightened teeth? well, depending on the teeth complexity and the length of time you wear this product, it may take six months to two years to get the desired result.

dental health post teeth straightening

once you successfully complete the teeth straightening process, it’s essential to maintain optimal dental health. you must brush and floss regularly, clean your mouth to ensure no food debris is trapped in teeth. thus, you can prevent bacteria buildup and damage to the tooth enamel.

below listed are some tips that will help you maintain a healthy smile once the teeth straightening process is done:

  • wear a retainer to keep your new teeth alignment. You must also clean it regularly.
  • brush and floss daily.
  • avoid foods that are sticky and hard to chew.
  • other tooth straightening options

there are traditional metal braces that one can wear for the teeth correction process. however, this is comparatively a painful process (you can experience sore gum and sores inside the cheeks because the metal brackets rub continuously against them), and quite expensive. Some other options include ceramic braces, lingual braces, and self-ligating braces, which have their own set of drawbacks. ceramic braces may get stained, lingual braces can hardly benefit people with a deep overbite and self-ligating braces may lead to tooth decay. considering all these factors, it’s safe to say that invisible aligners are an easier, comfortable and trustworthy option to choose over braces.

the teeth straightening process is essential not only to enhance your smile aesthetics but also to maintain superior dental health. so, say yes to makeO toothsi invisible aligners and flash that beautiful smile of yours with confidence!

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why is it recommended to wear a retainer post teeth straightening?

retainer is a part of the teeth alignment process which ensures your teeth do not shift back to their previous position when you complete the process.

does the teeth correction process affect your face and nose?

no,if you opt for teeth straightening processes like invisible aligners, it does not impact your face and nose intact.

is it necessary to treat misaligned teeth?

yes, it is necessary to opt for the teeth straightening process as it helps protect your teeth and gum from bacteria accumulation and keep infections and other health issues at bay.

is it mandatory to visit your dentist regularly post teeth straightening?

yes, it is mandatory to visit your dentist regularly post teeth straightening to identify dental issues (if developed) and take necessary actions accordingly.

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