Underarm Waxing vs Underarm LHR: Which is Better?

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There are a few methods through which you can remove body hair at your convenience and needs. For underarm hair removal in both men and women, the most popular choices are waxing and laser hair treatment. We can compare both of these methods to figure out which way is the most suitable underarm hair removal process.

Let us first understand how both of these methods work for removing hair from your underarms.

How Does Waxing Work?

For underarm waxing, a layer of wax (either hot or cold) is applied to your skin. Then a fabric piece is placed on the wax and immediately pulled in the opposite direction of your hair growth. This process removes your hair follicle while providing effective hair removal for your underarms.

How Does Laser Hair Treatment Work?

For underarm laser hair removal, the underarm hair will be exposed to pulses of laser light. This will heat the melanin surrounding the hair follicle which will in turn destroy the whole follicle. In this process, the hair follicle is completely removed from the root providing permanent underarm hair removal.

Underarm Waxing vs Underarm LHR

There are certain differences between the waxing and laser hair removal process that you need to understand. These differences will help you to choose the right treatment for your underarm hair removal.

1. Pain while Hair Removal

The most important factor that separates waxing from laser hair removal is the pain levels that you experience during the procedure. Underarm waxing is much more painful compared to underarm laser hair removal. Some people may get used to the pulling movement during waxing which causes pain. However, laser hair removal remains an almost painless procedure causing light sensations.

2. How Long Do Results Last?

Waxing provides temporary hair removal where the results last for around 3 weeks. You will have to keep repeating the waxing process regularly if you wish to maintain hair-free underarms. On the other hand, laser hair removal provides permanent underarm hair removal where you don’t have to worry about hair growing back for a long time.

3. Number of Sessions

You will have to perform waxing on your underarms every time you need to remove hair as the results are just temporary. In laser hair removal, you will require upto 6 sessions depending on your hair growth and density to achieve maximum hair permanently. The laser treatment removes the hair follicle from the root which prevents immediate growth of hair on your underarms.

4. Cost of Treatment

If you look at the cost for both hair underarm removal treatments, then you will find that the underarm hair removal cost per session will be more compared to the underarm wax price. However, you will have to perform waxing repeatedly since it gives temporary results. This increases the overall cost of waxing your underarms over time. The underarm laser treatment price will remain less as you require only a few session spaced weeks apart for permanent results.

5. Risk of Ingrowth

The risk of ingrown hair will be more with waxing leading to red spots and slight pain after the procedure is complete. In laser hair treatment, there is no risk of ingrown hair as the hair follicle is destroyed with the laser. Laser hair removal provides several benefits over waxing when it comes to permanent hair reduction from your underarms. You can start your laser hair reduction journey with makeO skin (formely skinnsi) for achieving an almost painless and permanent result. You will experience smooth and well-groomed skin with the use of high-quality and latest technology laser equipment. Your hair removal journey will be under the careful supervision of an expert dermatologist giving you 90% hair reduction.


1. Is it better to wax or laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is considered the best method for permanent hair reduction compared to waxing. In laser hair removal, the hair follicle is completely removed which prevents the growth of hair. You will also avoid ingrown hair with the use of laser hair removal.

2. Is laser hair removal more permanent than waxing?

Yes, laser hair removal is more permanent than waxing as it completely removes the hair follicle from the root. The hair doesn’t grow back on your skin with laser hair removal treatment compared to waxing which is a temporary hair reduction method.

3. Is laser hair removal more effective after waxing?

You shouldn’t wax your skin before laser hair removal treatment as waxing will remove the hair follicle temporarily. You need the hair follicle to be present to completely remove it with the use of a laser.

4. What are the disadvantages of waxing?

Waxing can lead to many disadvantages, one of which is ingrown hair which can lead to red spots and pain. Other disadvantages include painful procedures, irritation, rashes, sun sensitivity, dryness, etc.

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