Want To Rejuvenate Your Skin From Head To Toe? Body Polishing Is Here For You

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May 27th

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Now that you’ve been going back to work after almost two years of taking office calls on the couch with a peel off face mask on, things may tend to feel a little…different.

More specifically, the daily commute to work during peak hours is bound to take a toll on your skin sooner or later. Plus of course, now you may not get the time to follow the proper skincare routine you were so used to while working from home.

This constant exposure to the sun, dirt, and pollution will eventually make your skin dull and dehydrated, and may also lead to an uneven skin tone!

While that definitely sounds terrifying, don’t worry. Because with our at-home body polishing treatment, we’ve got just the right solution for you!

Body Polishing Treatment by skinnsi

A key offering from our dermafacial treatment solutions, body polishing treatment offers a quick and convenient way to say goodbye to dull & dehydrated skin and an uneven skin tone! Also, it has been curated by our in-house dermats who have over 9 years of experience!

But to be honest, there’s so much more to our body polishing treatment than what meets the eye, and by that we mean the new-age technology this treatment is built upon!

So without further ado, let’s get to know more about the tech, including the skin polishing machine that makes our body polishing treatment so good for your skin!

Our Body Polishing Latest Technology

Our highly advanced skin polishing machine, also known as the Hydratouch-H2 machine is USFDA approved and helps you get glowing skin by exfoliating & nourishing it.

As for exfoliation, it’s the good old removal of dead skin layers, only for more radiant and supple skin with even tone & texture to reveal itself.

In terms of nourishment, our skin polishing machine rejuvenates your skin by letting it absorb moisture, oxygen, and essential nutrients, making it fresher and more hydrated.

This process of skin exfoliation & nourishment is also known as hydradermabrasion.

If you’re wondering about the areas of your body you can get this treatment done, our body polishing treatment has got you covered for your:

  1. Hands (entirely)
  2. Legs (entirely)
  3. Back
  4. Face

Who Can Take This Treatment

Body polishing is suitable for all skin types, and if you’ve got sensitive skin, just make sure to follow our post-care tips, and you’ll keep any unwanted skin irritation at bay!

Who Shouldn’t Take This Treatment

With that being said, pregnant women shouldn’t take this treatment. Also, people who have an infection, are diagnosed with epilepsy, or have a pacemaker device shouldn’t take our body polishing treatment.

Now that you know what it is and what areas of your body it’s got you covered for and who can & shouldn’t take this treatment, let’s get to know this treatment even better by understanding the steps of our body polishing treatment.

Steps Of Our Body Polishing Treatment

  1. It all starts with a machine-based Hydradermabrador probe in the targeted area. Remember that cutting-edge skin polishing machine and process we mentioned earlier? Yes, that!
  2. It also features a radial tip that helps pass through solutions containing exfoliating and lightening agents
  3. The result? Dead skin & waste from the pores get peeled off your skin’s surface with ease! But that’s not even the best part

What Can You Expect?

Now here comes the best part. Once you’re done with our body polishing treatment, be prepared to experience skin that’s glowing and fresh! Results last for upto 15-30 days on average, because that’s the point where the dead skin layer starts forming again. Which is why we recommend making our body polishing treatment a key part of your skincare routine by getting it done every month.

The Bottom Line

It’s powered by new-age technology, backed by our dermats who have over 9 years of experience, and is done at your place, as per your convenience! We could go on and on, but would like to conclude with an assurance that our body polishing treatment is the best kind of pampering you can give to your skin, without even stepping out of the house. Wondering how to get started? It’s actually as simple as shopping for your favorite products online. Just book an appointment on our website, and that’s it! We’ve got you covered from there.

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