What is Body Polishing? Here’s A Guide To Understand This Skin Service

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Are you tired from a vacation or planning on attending a wedding soon? Maybe you’re just tired and you’ve been noticing that your life has taken a toll on your skin as well. In all of these cases, you can explore body polishing. A full-body spa-like skin treatment that is mainly known to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, body polishing promotes the generation of newer skin cells and revives your skin like nothing else! Continue reading this article to learn what body polishing is and its entire process, its benefits, and more!

What is Body Polishing?

Offered by many spas and skin clinics, body polishing is a skin service in which the entire body is exfoliated, hydrated and nourished to reveal new, fresh and young-looking skin. Body polishing is perfect for those who want to fight dull and dry skin or simply feel like their skin needs a bit of pampering!

Who Can Take This Treatment

Body polishing is suitable for all skin types, and if you’ve got sensitive skin, just make sure to follow our post-care tips, and you’ll keep any unwanted skin irritation at bay!

Who Shouldn’t Take This Treatment

With that being said, pregnant women shouldn’t take this treatment. Also, people who have an infection, are diagnosed with epilepsy, or have a pacemaker device shouldn’t take our body polishing treatment.

Now that you know what it is and what areas of your body it’s got you covered for and who can & shouldn’t take this treatment, let’s get to know this treatment even better by understanding the steps of our body polishing treatment.

How Does Body Polishing Work?

We at makeO skinnsi provide this skin service as derma polishing. And guess what? We even offer at-home derma polishing treatments! But how does it work? It all starts with a machine-based Hydradermabrador probe in the targeted area. Remember that cutting-edge skin polishing machine and process we mentioned earlier? Yes, that! It also features a radial tip that helps pass through solutions containing exfoliating and lightening agents

The result: Dead skin & waste from the pores get peeled off your skin’s surface with ease! But that’s not even the best part

Once you’re done with our body polishing treatment, be prepared to experience skin that’s glowing and fresh! Results last for up to 15-30 days on average, because that’s the point where the dead skin layer starts forming again. This is why we recommend making our body polishing treatment a key part of your skincare routine by getting it done every month.

Benefits of Body Polishing

There are several exciting benefits of body polishing such as:

  • It removes dead skin cells that make your skin look duller
  • It clears oil and dirt stuck in pores and makes the skin softer and smoother
  • It boosts the process of skin cell regeneration so newer skin cells grow faster and your skin appears fresher
  • It can nourish and moisturise dull and dry skin effectively
  • Through exfoliation, this skin treatment improves the blood flow which leads to younger and healthier-looking skin.

The Bottom Line

It’s powered by new-age technology, backed by our dermats who have over 9 years of experience, and is done at your place, at your convenience! We could go on and on, but would like to conclude with an assurance that our body polishing treatment is the best kind of pampering you can give to your skin, without even stepping out of the house. Wondering how to get started? It’s as simple as shopping for your favourite products online. Just book a body polishing appointment on our website, and that’s it! We’ve got you covered from there.

Our derma polishing service rescues your dull and tired skin from sun exposure, dryness, and dead skin cells. It entirely rejuvenates your skin through cleansing, hydration, hydradermabraison and moisturisation. Post this service that covers your back, arms and legs, you can notice lighter dark spots and softer, smoother and nourished skin. So, book your first appointment today and give your skin the love it deserves!

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