Planning To Go for a Laser Removal Session. Read About Its Side Effects


We all want to have glowing skin. Most women use skincare products that contain niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and retinol. However, there are times when despite using the best skincare products on your skin, you don’t see any visible results.

Coupled with skin-related problems such as dark circles, pigmentation, acne, and tanning, a lot of women suffer from unwanted hair on their faces.

One of the most popular methods to get rid of hair is to undergo laser hair removal treatment.

However, before you book an appointment, you must know what is the process of laser hair removal, what are the benefits and most importantly, what are the side effects of laser hair removal treatment, and bust some common myths related to laser hair removal treatment.

What is The Process of Laser Hair Removal?

Once you have made up your mind about letting go off razors and waxing kits, you should know everything about the process of laser hair removal treatment. Here is what happens during a laser hair removal session -

  1. Before the session starts, a professional will trim your hair.
  2. Then the professional will apply a numbing cream on the area of skin where you want to get the laser hair removal treatment done.
  3. Once the professional applies the cream, they will allow it to stay for 30 minutes.
  4. Once your skin becomes numb, the professional will cover your eyes with an eye protection mask.
  5. Following the safety protocols, they will also wear an eye protection mask.
  6. After which, the professional will give laser light beams to your skin.
  7. Once the session is over, they will check if there is any reaction on your skin.
  8. Then, the professional will apply an ice pack on your skin so that you don’t get any rashes.

Common Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Once the individual undergoes the laser hair removal session, they will face some common effects on their skin. Find here some common side effects of laser hair removal -

1. Redness and Irritation

Laser hair removal treatment causes temporary irritation. After the session, you will notice minor redness on your skin, or even minor swelling in that area. These side effects are similar to waxing. However, in the case of laser hair removal, the redness and irritation go away within a few hours of the procedure. To soothe your skin, you can apply ice packs. If the redness and irritation persist, you can contact skinnsi. They have a well-trained team of dermatologists who can help.

2. Pigmentation Changes

After you undergo a laser hair removal session, you will notice your skin getting lighter or darker. You don’t have to worry about it. Your skin gets darker spots if you have a lighter complexion. On the other hand, your skin gets light spots if you have a darker complexion. Just like redness and irritation, pigmentation changes are also temporary and go away in an hour or so.

Serious Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Apart from common side effects such as pigmentation changes, redness, and swelling, few women suffer from severe side effects. These include -

  1. Excessive Hair Growth on Your Skin: There are times when women suffer from excessive hair growth on the skin area where they got the laser hair removal treatment. However, most of the time, the skin sheds hair a few days after the session.
  2. Changes to the Skin Texture: You could face changes in skin texture if you go out into the sun and get tanned.
  3. Scarring: Women who tend to suffer from scars may face this problem after the laser hair removal session.
  4. Blisters: You can face this issue if you are exposed to the sun right after the session. Therefore, you must apply sunscreen before going out.

makeO skin(formely skinnsi) is an expert in laser hair removal treatment services. They offer customized plans according to your skin type. Their treatment plans are carried out using the best technology and by well-trained therapists. With an understanding that every skin needs different treatments, they offer two different services - laser hair removal and Dermafacial. To know what suits you best, you can go to skinnsi’s website and check out their services.

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