Is Laser Hair Removal Effective on the Stomach?

how to remove stomach hair

Hair on the stomach for both men and women is a natural occurrence, however, having thick hair growth may not be so. Many tend to remove their belly hair as a personal preference, but the contours of the stomach and its muscles and bones can make it difficult to remove hair through regular hair removal methods. This is where laser hair removal steps in!

Is Laser Hair Removal on Stomach Effective?

Laser hair removal uses modern laser technology to target unwanted body hair from its roots. This means that it is more effective than waxing and even epilating as it destroys the hair follicles thereby diminishing hair growth permanently. An effective laser hair removal on the stomach can keep you hair-free for months if not years!

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal for Stomach Hair?

Shaving, waxing and hair removal creams are temporary hair removal options when it comes to body hair. Their advantages include cheap price and their quickness. However, laser hair removal offers long-term results with the added advantage of minimal pain, no razor burns, and no ingrown hair.

How does it work? The pulses of laser heat the hair follicle due to the melanin present in the hair follicle. This destroys it completely giving you smooth and well-groomed skin with a hassle-free belly hair laser removal experience.

So if you are looking for a permanent solution for your unwanted belly hair, laser hair removal for stomach hair is your best bet!

Other Methods for Stomach Hair Removal

If you have wondered how to remove stomach hair, you may have heard of a few ways to do this. Let’s take a look at how to remove belly hair using these different methods.

1. Waxing

The use of stomach waxing is a popular method for removing stomach hair in women. In this method, you apply wax on your skin and then use a fibre strip to pull the hair from the body along with the wax. Waxing your stomach can be a painful process and you will have to repeat this process every month for hair removal.

2. Shaving

This is a quick and convenient method to remove hair on the stomach for a female. You can use a razor along with shaving cream or lotion to cut off the hair from the surface of your skin. Even though shaving abdominal hair is convenient, you can experience razor burn and irritation on your skin.

3. Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams work within minutes to remove your hair by dissolving the protein in your hair. However, any hair removal cream contains chemicals that can irritate the skin and give an unpleasant smell.

4. Epilator

An epilator is a device which is also used for stomach hair removal. This electric device pulls your hair from the root. Even though an epilator provides long-lasting hair removal results, it can lead to ingrown hair which can cause red spots and bumps in the skin.

Pre and Post Care for Laser Hair Removal on Abdomen

Pre Care Instructions

  • You should avoid treatments such as bleaching, waxing, and threading 3 weeks prior to your laser hair removal on the abdomen

Post Care Instructions

  • You should avoid hot water baths for 24 hours after the stomach laser hair removal
  • You should apply sunscreen on exposed parts every 3-4 hours during the day
  • In case you experience discomfort on your skin, apply moisturiser or calamine lotion 3 times a day

Why makeO skin(formely skinnsi) is Best for Laser Stomach Hair Removal

If you are looking for the right place to get started with laser hair removal for stomach hair, choose makeO skin(formely skinnsi). Our laser hair reduction procedure uses US-FDA-approved laser and the latest ice-cool technology to give you a pain-free and seamless hair removal experience. And the best part? You can choose our unique at-home visits to get your laser experience done professionally from the comfort of your own home too! Simply schedule an appointment at the time of your liking, and our skinnsi pros will be at your doorstep with their equipment to help you say goodbye to your unwanted stomach hair!

In conclusion, laser hair removal is a great option for getting rid of unwanted stomach hair as it provides a smooth, painless experience and long-lasting results. Book your first at-home visit with makeO skin(formely skinnsi) to get started!


1. Is laser hair removal on the stomach safe?

Yes, stomach line laser hair removal is considered safe as long as you follow all the pre and post-care instructions properly. Depending on your budget, skin sensitivity, personal preference, etc. you can decide whether laser hair removal will be your choice.

2. How painful is laser hair removal on the stomach?

Laser hair removal on your stomach will be an almost painless procedure if it is performed correctly by an expert. The skin on your stomach is relatively thicker compared to other parts due to which you will experience less pain.

3. How do you permanently get rid of belly hair?

Choosing a laser for stomach hair removal is a permanent way to get rid of your stomach hair. You can experience laser hair removal from the comfort of your home or through a clinic where you will have to go through several sessions for the final results.

4. Do I shave my stomach before laser?

Yes, shaving your skin is necessary before undergoing laser treatment. You have to avoid treatments like bleaching, waxing, and threading before laser hair removal. The trained professional will shave your skin before the laser treatment, so you don’t have to do it on your own.

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