Get Flawless Smooth Skin Using Latest Laser Hair Removal Technology!


Planning to get a laser hair removal treatment or even thinking about it? We bet there are umpteen questions on your mind, such as how the painless hair removal machine works, is it safe? What technology do we use and more? But don’t worry! We’ve got answers to all your questions right here.

Although laser hair removal treatments have been on the market for a while now, we are making your experience cozier and affordable by offering Skinnsi’s latest laser hair removal technology in the comfort of your home. And when we say the latest, it’s the first of its kind to be used in Mumbai and Bangalore! #Flex

It will not only give your skin a smooth and flawless makeover but also reduces your hair growth by up to 90% in an average of 6 sessions. Even better, you get to choose your OOTDs without worrying about UNWANTED HAIR. Now, that’s a privilege you’d not want to miss!

But then again, we do understand and think it’s fair when you want to know all about the technology and how laser hair removal works before you choose our treatment. So without further ado, here’s all about our painless hair removal machine and the technology we use that’s making people fall in love with their new, hairless and radiant skin!

All About skinnsi’s Hair Removal Technology:

  1. Unlike triple wavelength and diode laser hair removal machines, our toothsi pros use the advanced Milesman quadruple wavelength laser, a combination of 4 wavelengths (755+810+940+1064nm).
  2. It helps in reducing all types of hair (fine, medium and thick) and is safe for all skin types compared to the traditional triple wavelength and diode laser hair removal treatments.
  3. Also to make your experience super comfortable, our laser has an ice-cool technology that is tough on unwanted hair but does not heat up or cause discomfort to the skin around it.
  4. And saving the best for the last— zero ingrowths! Yep, consider those pesky little bumps, GONE.

Laser hair removal technology has evolved from being a painful and selective hair-type method to being comfortable and customizable like our ice-cool technology. Gone are the days of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), ND-YAG, Alexandrite, diode, and triple wavelength technologies now that our latest quadruple wavelength laser is making silky-smooth skin possible, the most comfortable way.

How Does Our Ice-Cool Technology Work?

(Don’t worry, we ain’t going to make this boring.)

  1. The laser emits light, which gets absorbed by the melanin (black pigment) present in your hair roots.
  2. Once absorbed, it heats the hair follicle, destroys it and converts the area into a resting phase.
  3. So with every session, the resting phase increases and the growth phase shortens, which eventually delays the hair growth cycle on your skin.
  4. Along with that, it also transforms thick hair into fine hair to reduce the visibility of the new growth with every session.

Now, do you still want to go through painful waxing sessions? While you think about that, we’ve answered a few more questions about our ice-cool technology, in case you are planning to book.

Is It Safe for the Skin?

Absolutely! After all, it’s 100% dermat-backed. The laser sessions are comfortable, safe, and supervised (virtually) by in-house experienced dermatologists, who customise treatments according to your hair type and hair growth. Also, the sessions are performed by trained therapists. In a nutshell, your skin is in safe hands.

How Long Does One Session Last?

For full-body laser hair removal, it may take up to 3-3.5 hours whereas for a single body part up to 30-60 minutes.

Is There a Downtime Post-Session?

There’s absolutely no downtime post-session #Yay

This only means you can immediately head to work or even attend your social outings in your favorite OOTDs!

Whether laser hair removal treatment is on your mind or still in the thinking phase, we can certainly confirm one thing for you— our laser sessions are way more comfortable than painful waxing, epilating, threading and other hair removal procedures.

How comfortable you ask? We work from your home, literally! So all you have to do is point us to your favourite corner in the house, get ready to relax and let our therapist give your skin a silky-smoooth makeover.

And hey, we are also affordable, if you do the math of how much you normally end up spending annually on non-laser sessions. #ItsALotBtw

Now, are you ready to give your skin a silky-smoooth makeover with our latest laser hair removal technology? Check out our pricing plans here -

See you onboard soon!😊

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