4 Popular Myths About Jade and Quartz Rollers Busted

Face Massager Roller

Face rollers are creating quite a buzz in the skincare world with the tons of skin benefits that they promise to give you. Tempted to buy one for yourself but sceptical about whether they really work wonders for your skin as everyone says?

We researched so you don’t have to! In this blog, we will burst some popular myths about face rollers and tell you whether these new-age skincare tools are worth the hype.

What do facial rollers really do?

Did you know that jade rollers were used by the Chinese since the 7th century to get a healthy natural glow on their faces? Today facial rollers are in the limelight in the skincare world and are you wondering what they actually do?

Here are a few amazing benefits of using facial rollers.

1. Reduces puffiness

Hate how puffy and swollen your face and under eyes look every morning? Include a jade roller into your morning skincare ritual and see the shocking difference for yourself.

Jade and quartz rollers drain your lymphatic nodes and they get rid of the fluids which are responsible for causing puffiness. For enhanced effect, chill the jade or quartz roller in a fridge overnight before using them.

2. Improves circulation

Jade and quartz rollers are said to increase blood flow to the immediate area and said to improve the overall circulation across your face. Think of your facial rollers as a device that gives your face a nice exercise or massage.

3. Reduces jaw tension

If done correctly, a facial roller can ease the tension in your jaw, brows and other areas of your face.

Debunking myths about facial rollers

We have all heard quite a lot of things about facial rollers. Wondering which ones are true and which ones are far from the truth? Here are a few myths about facial rollers busted just for you.

1. Myth #1: They cure acne

There is no medical evidence that a face massager roller can treat or prevent acne. Moreover, if you have acne-prone skin then it is best to consult your dermatologist before using any type of skincare tools.

2. Myth #2: They boost collagen production

There is no doubt that jade rollers improve your blood flow and circulation. However, it doesn’t affect your skin’s collagen production.

3. Myth #3: They affect the opening and closing of your skin pores

This is again not true. The truth is that jade face rollers don’t close or open your skin pores.

4. Myth #4: They slim your face

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Facial rollers don’t slim or sculpt your face. They no doubt decrease puffiness and make your face look slim temporarily. However, this is just a temporary effect that won’t last for a long time.

Are facial rollers worth your money?

The final verdict is that facial rollers are worth your money as long as you have realistic expectations from them. If you want a skincare tool that will make you feel relaxed, soothe your irritated skin and improve blood circulation across your face, then you must go ahead and add a jade roller or quartz roller to your skincare kit.

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Do jade and quartz rollers cure acne?

No, jade and quartz rollers are not effective in treating your acne breakouts or preventing them. In fact, if you have acne, it is best to avoid using facial rollers as they can spread bacteria around and make your acne worse.

Are jade rollers better or quartz rollers?

Both these facial rollers come with tons of skin benefits. Jade rollers are great for people who want a relaxing skincare tool that will remove toxins from the skin. On the other hand, rose quartz rollers are known to improve your circulation and have anti-ageing properties.

How long do jade roller results last?

Unfortunately, jade roller results only last for a few hours after you carry out the process. Hence, experts recommend you dedicate at least five minutes to using your jade or quartz roller every time you do your skincare ritual.

Does jade roller help slim your face?

A jade roller can help in de-puffing and temporarily making your face look slimmer. However, it doesn’t sculpt your face or make it appear slimmer permanently.

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