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At first, unwanted body hair removal was only possible through shaving, waxing or threading. Then came along laser technology, which promised permanent hair reduction in a unique and exceptional way. This technology has improved vastly since its inception and today there are numerous highly advanced hair removal machines with incredible and latest laser hair removal technology that not only effectively removes hair but also causes almost no pain! One of these is the ice-cool laser hair removal technology.

Why Choose Ice Cool Laser Hair Removal Technology

At makeO skin (formely skinnsi), we use the latest ice-cool laser hair removal technology to give our users a painless and smooth laser hair removal experience. This technology is directly known to cool down the skin’s surface which in turn shields the skin from the heat and discomfort of the laser. makeO skin (formely skinnsi) uses a 4 wavelength high beam laser with ice-cool technology, which is sure to provide you with seamless hair removal with almost no pain and permanent results!

Benefits of Ice Cool Technology for Laser Hair Removal


The ice-cool technology cools the skin and protects it from the heat of the laser so that users only feel a zapping sensation and no pain.

**Suitable for all skin types: **

Unlike other laser hair removal machines, makeO skin (formely skinnsi) laser with ice-cool technology is safe to use on all skin types and skin tones including darker skin tones that are generally more sensitive to heat due to the high presence of melanin.

**Backed by experts: **

It is approved by the USFDA and backed by experts for its effectiveness. This is one of the main reasons why this technology is so popular today.

Other Types of Laser Hair Removal Technology You Should Know About

Interested in knowing all your laser hair removal machine options? Here are 4 types of laser hair removal you should know about:

1. Alexandrite laser hair removal

A laser technology that is best suited for lighter skin tones and finer hair, this features a shorter wavelength which does not penetrate the skin too deeply.

2. Diode laser hair removal

Perfect for medium to dark skin, this laser technology has higher wavelengths when compared to alexandrite laser hair removal hence it is more effective and quick.

3. ND Yag laser hair removal

Another highly effective laser for dark skin tones and various hair textures, this laser has high wavelengths hence it may cause some discomfort. This laser does not work for lighter skin and finer hair.

4. IPL laser hair removal

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a treatment where a pulsed light is used instead of a laser to target the hair follicles and permanently reduce growth. This laser allows customisation in wavelength and power according to the skin type and hair type of the user.

At makeO skin (formely skinnsi), we use a quadruple wavelength technology which is a laser with a combination of 4 wavelengths 755+810+940+1064nm which helps in reducing all types of hair including fine, medium and thick hair from all dark and light skin types. This paired with the ice-cool technology is what makes our laser hair reduction procedure so well-liked!

How to Prepare For An Ice Cool Laser Hair Reduction

Avoid tanning before or during the procedures. Apply generous amounts of sunscreen while stepping out. Do away with waxing, threading, bleaching or plucking before a procedure to keep the hair roots intact.

Make sure to have a shower and wear loose and comfortable cotton clothes for the treatment as this material is not likely to catch fire.

And, remove any make-up you have before the procedure!


What are the 3 types of permanent hair removal?

The most effective types of permanent hair removal methods are Laser hair removal, electrolysis and intense pulsed light or IPL.

What is the most permanent way to remove hair?

Undergoing a permanent laser hair removal is the best way to remove your hair. These procedures attack the hair from its follicles, thereby reducing the growth permanently so you never have to worry about being unkempt!

Is laser hair removal Painful?

While laser hair removal initially was painful, laser technology today has grown by leaps and bounds. With advancements such as ice-cool technology for hair removal, you can now achieve a hair-free look without the pain!

Do permanent hair removal devices work?

Yes, permanent hair removal devices like lasers attack the melanin in the hair follicles and destroy the hair from its root. This is what causes a permanent reduction in hair growth!

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