What is Electrolysis for Hair Removal?

Electrolysis for Hair Removal

Various methods are used for removing hair but none of them truly provide permanent results. The use of electrolysis is one of the known methods to precisely provide permanent hair removal that lasts after the treatment. In this article, we are going to look at all the things you need to know about electrolysis for hair removal.

What is Electrolysis?

In electrolysis, the growth of hair is targeted by treating the hair follicle and the root with chemical or electrical energy. In electrolysis treatment, the individual hair follicle is destroyed from the root and removed by an electrologist. The electrolysis treatment for hair removal is majorly popular for facial hair like eyebrows, upper lip, chin, cheeks, etc. This method helps in providing permanent results after which the hair doesn’t grow at all.

How Does Electrolysis Work?

In electrolysis for hair removal, an electrologist inserts a tiny probe into your pore which treats your hair follicle with electricity. This heats the hair follicle and destroys it completely from the root itself. The electrologist then uses a pair of tweezers to remove this dead hair follicle from the pore after which the hair won’t grow again in that place.

3 Electrolysis Types Used for Permanent Hair removal By Electrolysis.

  • Thermolysis: This method uses localised heat that is transferred through the tiny probe to destroy your hair follicle.

  • Galvanic: This method mainly relies on a chemical reaction to destroy the hair follicle from the root.

  • Combination: This method makes use of both above-mentioned methods as required to get the permanent result of hair removal.

Pros and Cons of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of electrolysis for hair removal that will help us to understand and select this method. Although this method can be applied to all parts of the body, electrolysis facial hair removal is the most commonly requested process.

Pros of Electrolysis

Permanent Results: This is the only method that can guarantee permanent hair removal once the treatment is complete. After completing your treatment, you don’t have to worry about hair growing back along the line. The hair removal results will stay permanent, and your skin will remain smooth and well-groomed.

Versatility: This method is suitable for all skin types including all types of hair and skin colours. This treatment is effective for all types of hair which makes electrolysis facial hair removal most reliable.

Cons of Electrolysis

Discomfort: You may experience mild discomfort repeatedly during the treatment as each hair follicle will be zapped with electricity. Your electrologist may suggest an anaesthetic cream if you keep feeling pain throughout the treatment.

Treatment Time: The treatment time with electrolysis will be more as each hair is removed individually for permanent impact. You may have to visit for multiple sessions depending on the area you choose for hair removal.

Cost: The electrolysis hair removal cost will be calculated by the hour in most cases. The electrolysis cost will depend on the part you are choosing for hair removal. For areas such as the legs, electrolysis hair removal prices can be relatively high.

Other Methods of Hair Removal

Waxing: In waxing, hot wax is applied on your skin after which a fibre strip is used to pull the hair from the body along with the wax. Waxing can be a painful process and you have to repeat this process every time for hair removal.

Shaving: A razor is used along with shaving cream or lotion to cut off the hair from the surface of your skin. Shaving your hair is convenient and it will give quick and temporary results.

Hair Removal Cream: Hair removal creams work within minutes to remove your hair by dissolving and removing the hair with ease. This is one of the quickest ways to remove hair from your skin.

Laser Hair Removal: In laser hair removal, pulses of laser are used to heat the hair follicle to remove it from the root. This is one of the most reliable methods for permanent hair reduction. You can check out makeO skin (formely skinnsi) for starting your hair removal journey from the comfort of your home. The process for laser hair removal is convenient and painless as the makeO skin (formely skinnsi) pros use the 4 wavelength ice cool technology. This does not heat up your skin and hence there is no discomfort during the treatment. Go for a full body laser hair removal or just treat a specific part. Choose what you need and let our experts handle the rest. makeO skin (formely skinnsi) laser hair removal start at Rs 2,300 EMIs per month.


1. Does electrolysis remove hair permanently?

Yes, electrolysis removes hair permanently and it is the only method which is known to remove the hair and stop its growth completely. In electrolysis treatment, the individual hair follicle is destroyed from the root and removed by an electrologist.

2. Is electrolysis hair removal painful?

Yes, electrolysis hair removal can be painful as a tiny probe has to be inserted into your pore to treat the hair follicle. Some people have pain tolerance but if that isn’t happening, then your electrologist will suggest an anaesthetic cream to manage the pain.

3. Which is cheaper electrolysis or laser?

If you compare the overall costs, electrolysis hair removal costs will be more compared to laser hair removal. Electrolysis will require a greater number of sessions to remove the hair from your skin which will increase the cost compared to laser.

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