Acne Prevention 101: How to prevent pimples on face?

Difference between moisturising & hydrating

People with acne know how fighting pimples is a long and patient battle. Acne is caused when excess oil or sebum is filled in the skin's hair follicles, giving rise to whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. While these might not be causes for pimples, here are a few triggers or reasons for pimples on face:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Diet changes
  • Stress
  • Acne-inducing medications
  • Bacteria
  • Inflammation

Wondering about how to stop pimples coming on face? Here’s everything you need to know right from causes and tips to home remedies for acne.

How to Reduce Pimples?

While there is no rule book set in stone on how to stop pimples from coming on face, there are some easy precautions to take and habits to follow to reduce pimples.

- Understanding your skin type and choosing skincare accordingly

Before you rush to your nearest beauty store to pick out some acne-fighting skincare, it is important to understand your skin type. You can visit a dermatologist to get a better understanding of your skin and the type of acne you are dealing with. This will help you in choosing the most effective acne-fighting products for you and reduce pimples. Want to know more about how to reduce acne? Take our free assessment with our dermat or choose from a range of effective yet gentle acne-fighting products by makeO skin(formely skinnsi).

- Keep your face clean

This may sound obvious but many people forget to wash their faces or touch their faces with unclean hands on a regular basis. This only increases the bacteria, dirt and oil on the face which can trigger more acne. If you want to truly understand how to reduce pimples, you must make sure to wash your face twice a day with a cleanser suitable for your skin type (and without oil, fragrance or irritants) and be cognizant of what touches your face!

- Undergoing Acne Treatments

Acne might not always be treated successfully at home by yourself or with skin products. Acne treatments are highly efficient at reducing the risk of acne by using masks, peels, extractions, cleansing and toning so that your skin is oil-free, sebum-free, clean, soft and hydrated. At makeO skin(formely skinnsi), we offer customised acne treatments that are the perfect solution for clear skin. These treatments can target open pores, pimples and acne scars while being gentle on the skin too which makes them a great option for acne prevention.

- Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Nourished

Drinking a lot of water can improve skin texture by flushing out the toxins in your body. Most people suffering from acne are advised to increase their water intake as a way to achieve clear skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. Along with this step, make sure to use a toner and a moisturiser to keep your face nourished too. Dry skin can produce extra sebum which can result in acne!

What Causes Pimples?

There are many reasons for pimples on face like

  • Puberty
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Excessive testosterone or androgen
  • Pollution and dirt - Environmental factors can mess with your skin barrier and pollute it which causes acne.
  • Usage of certain skin products- Skin products can sometimes contain ingredients like oils which can clog your pores and result in acne. Even fragrances can sometimes cause inflammation and acne as they are irritants.
  • Wearing tight hats, masks
  • Scratching and picking on pimples
  • Humid weather

Home Remedies to Stop Pimples

Spot treatment with Tea tree oil:

Known to be one of the most potent and helpful oils against acne, tea tree oil must be mixed with a carrier oil before applying it over pimples for a natural spot treatment.

Use green tea on your pimples:

Since green tea contains flavonoids and many other important ingredients, it can fight inflammation, improve skin texture and reduce sebum production.

Apply natural aloe vera on your skin:

Aloe vera gel or cutting a real aloe vera stem and applying its gel can naturally help reduce redness, and irritation, soften skin and prevent pimples.

Now that you know why pimples come on face and how to reduce pimples, you should note that you can also use over-the-counter acne products like benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, and more for effective acne treatment. However, they can be drying so don’t forget your moisturisers! Along with these medications, going through an acne treatment from makeO skin(formely skinnsi) is a great way of successfully keeping acne at bay. With our clinically proven ingredients and dermatologist-certified therapists, our chemical peels and scar reduction procedures are excellent for acne fighting while being gentle on the skin.

Check out makeO skin(formely skinnsi) today to begin your acne-fighting journey the right way!


Why my face is getting pimples?

You might be getting pimples due to excess sebum or oil production on your skin. Some other reasons could be washing your face infrequently, using harsh skin products, going through puberty or menstrual cycle, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance etc.

What food causes pimples?

Generally, sugary food items, fast food, and dairy products are known to trigger acne and worsen it.

How to avoid pimples?

You can avoid pimples by keeping your skin clean, hydrated and moisturised regularly. Increasing your water intake and maintaining a healthy diet along with some movement can effectively prevent acne.

Should I pop pimples?

While it might be tempting to pop a pimple, never do it as it will leave marks and might increase your acne too. Instead, go for a spot treatment with retinoids, or use tea tree oil to calm your active acne.

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