Top 5 Tips for Safe, Effective Laser Hair Reduction

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With our fast-paced lives, who has time to visit the salon or spend an hour every other week trying to have hairless underarms, legs or bikini lines? Shaving, waxing and using depilatory creams take up so much of our time and not to mention can cause rashes, pain, ingrown hair and more, just so that we can look well-groomed. Is it worth the effort? Laser hair removal is a smarter and more effective way of eliminating unwanted body hair for a long time.

Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses a powerful laser to eliminate the roots of the hair from the hair follicles. Is laser hair removal safe? Yes, it is. If you have the latest technology, along with taking the necessary precautions, then you can have a safe laser hair removal. Here are 5 important and effective tips to keep in mind to ensure an effective laser hair removal procedure.

5 Tips for effective laser hair removal

1. Check with your doctor if you are eligible

Did you know that pregnant women, along with patients on acne medication and some other medications are not eligible for a laser hair reduction at home? So, if you have been on medication, or know of any skin issues, allergies and other problems, be sure to check with your doctor or your dermatologist before signing up for a laser hair removal appointment. This step is very important for safe laser hair removal.

2. Book a prior consultation with the skin clinic or laser hair removal service

To be sure about whether the laser is suitable for you, you must do a patch test in your primary consultation. In this appointment, you can also choose to ask more questions about how the procedure will work, what you must do before and after the appointment etc.

Laser hair removal targets melanin present in the follicles, this means that for some shades of hair growth, a laser hair reduction will not work. Make sure you ask about the same during your consultation too!

3. Stay away from the sun and everything tanning-related

Laser hair removal cannot be performed on tanned skin. This means that you must try to avoid the sun as much as possible by taking precautions. Actively avoid going to more hot and humid places where a tan is just inevitable. And, avoid going to parlours for a fake tan as this will also hamper your laser hair removal journey.

4. Do not wax, epilate or tweeze

Pulling the hair out at the root before your procedure will not be effective. You must avoid waxing, epilating or tweezing and let the hair grow out. Only shave your targeted regions one day before an appointment. This way there will be no excess hair on top, but the roots of the follicles will still have hair which can be eliminated by the laser.

5. Be patient and don't miss a session

A full-body laser hair removal takes 6-8 sessions to complete. So don’t expect full results in one and feel disheartened. If you are going to a clinic for each session, don't be impatient and make it on time for each session to reap the benefits at the end. Have patience and the results of your laser hair treatment will show.

Want to make things easier? Try makeO skin (formely skinnsi) Laser Hair Reduction. A one-of-a-kind at-home laser hair removal which uses the latest 4 wavelength ice cool gel technology which causes no heat and pain so you can have a relaxing, effective and safe laser hair removal at home.


1. Is laser hair removal completely safe?

With an expert and a reputed skin clinic or service, laser hair removal can be very safe. However, since you are dealing with a laser, it is important to practise caution and follow all the important steps during the procedure.

2. What is better: lasers or waxing?

Laser hair removal works on the root of the hair follicles, making them reduce the growth of hair for a long time. Hence it is significantly better than waxing.

3. Does hair grow back after laser hair removal?

Yes, you will notice a small amount of hair growing back after a long time as the procedure promises reduction and not permanent removal of hair.

4. Is there painless laser hair removal?

Yes, with the advent of technology, many places offer almost painless laser hair removal.makeO skin (formely skinnsi) laser hair reduction is also an almost painless laser hair removal treatment at home due to its cooling laser technology.

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