Why are invisible teeth braces the right choice?


Mallory Hopkins said, ‘Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.’ And what makes you smile confidently? Nothing but sparkling white and perfectly aligned teeth. But, do you sometimes get conscious while smiling due to the improper arrangement or shape of your teeth? Do you want to get your teeth aligned, but the thought of metal braces make you feel uncomfortable?

It’s time to fight that feeling as you can now use the perfect replacement for metal braces, i.e., invisible teeth braces. Teeth straightening invisible braces are a super comfortable and painless alternative to metal braces as they are made of high-quality plastic.

Often, there is another worry associated with metal braces – regular follow-up visits to your dentist so that he/she can keep a check on the process and fix the issue, if any. However, with Toothsi’s invisible aligners, you need not worry about this too. You get the privilege of getting your full treatment done at home, right from initiating the process to getting your teeth straightened.

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If you feel awkward or self-conscious while smiling, one of the following could be the reason: • Crooked Teeth • Gap Teeth • Crowded Teeth • Overbite • Underbite • Crossbite

If you have any of the above problems, you can easily get it fixed at your home with Toothsi’s invisible teeth braces. We have listed below a few impressive benefits of invisible aligners:

1. Comfortable

Invisible teeth braces are much more comfortable and have a weightless feel than metal braces. As they are soft and flexible, they have rare or no chances of hurting your mouth. Whereas, while wearing metal braces, there’s always an underlying risk of getting cuts or nicks in the mouth.

2. Invisible

As these are invisible aligners, you can stay comfortable and confident while wearing them over your teeth, as one cannot see anything on your teeth until they closely observe, unlike metal braces, which are prominently visible even from a distance. Invisible braces are available for adults as well as teenagers.

3. No Restrictions on Eating

While wearing metal braces, you need to be cautious about the type of food you eat, such that it doesn’t get stuck in your braces. Besides, there are some dos and don’ts that need to be strictly followed. However, with invisible teeth braces, you can eat whatever you want to after taking off your aligners. Then, after completing your meal, you can wear your aligners again with ease.

4. Painless Treatment

We just use a simple machine to take the 3D image of your teeth, prepare customised aligners, and initiate the process by delivering the aligners to your home – it is a pain-free and risk-free treatment.

5. Better Dental Health

Apart from just avoiding ‘metal mouth’, it is the oral hygiene that one needs to maintain. As you can simply take off the aligners, brush and floss them well, it is easy to keep up with oral hygiene and reduce the chances of growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Why Choose Toothsi For Your Dental Treatment?

Several things might come to your mind while you think of starting your teeth straightening treatment. For example, you might not be ready for metal braces or restrictions on eating, etc. However, Toothsi’s invisible aligners help you achieve the perfect smile while taking care of all your worries.

We at Toothsi offer complete treatment at home. Our invisible teeth braces are comfortable to wear and are made with advanced technology, using digital printers. In addition, we have a proactive team of orthodontists and technical experts to assist you throughout the process. You just need to book your session through our website, and a Toothsi professional will reach out to you to help you further and get you started with the journey to a beautiful smile!

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