Why aligners and you are a perfect match!


Dear reader, full disclosure. The writer is completely scared of dentists. The thought of someone drilling in my teeth is literally nerve-wracking. I am so scared of sitting on that chair, that I have ignored and endured my dental issues, in silence and pain.

If you are also avoiding dental care, like we avoid that annoying aunt who pops up with a question, "When are you getting married?", then let me tell you — thou doesn't have to run anymore. Here are 10 reasons why you and aligners make sense. #HeartEmoji.

01. aligners are invisible

Damn right son! Most aligners are designed to be transparent. So nobody can spot them on you. #NowYouSeeMeNowYouDon't.


02. they do the job!

Aligners are not a quick-fix. Like any good medical procedure, aligners take their time to align your smile.


03. aligners are painless

You just have to wear and remove them. Unlike braces, you can wear them comfortably


04. they are socially savvy

Dates, parties, weddings, music festivals — wherever you go, the invisible aligners go with you, undetected. You don't have to waste your time giving explanations.


05. aligners are trending and how

Models, film-stars, musicians openly declare their love for aligners. And some, openly flaunt them too!


06. smile-care is self-care

Your smile is an integral part of your mental and physical wellbeing. You owe your smile, some care, and attention. :)


07. your smile is your greatest weapon

Mjolnir to Thor. Lasso to Wonder Woman. That twirling hair to Superman. That's exactly your smile is to you — your greatest ally in making an impression and spreading good vibes. It's time you invest in your smile.


08. you are going to feel good about yourself.

TrueStory. When you have a great smile, you smile more. When you smile more, you feel good. When you feel good, you smile more. And it goes on and on. Get an aligner already!

09. toothsi aligners are biocompatible

Yes, this is a brand plug-in. But why not? The folks at toothsi have taken an effort to make sure that when you feel good, the environment feels good too.


10. use toothsi only when you are sure

We don't know about others, but toothsi does a free scan for you. Then they show digital visuals of your teeth in the future. Nothing is left for you imagination. And only once you are sure, you can start.


If you are still doubtful about using aligners, I recommend you speak with your dentist (or toothsi). But don't think that aligners are uncool and inconvenient. Aligners are as much of a medical product as they are a fashion and a lifestyle product. So don't hesitate. Just check them out.

This branded article is not to be taken as a medical advice. Consult a dentist before taking a decision. Keep smiling! And be the spark.
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