Whitening Strips Vs Whitening Pen: Which Works Better?

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A bright, healthy and white smile has the power to leave a lasting impression and make one feel more approachable. Sadly, with the excessive use of cigarettes, coffee, tea, and wine etc, your pearly whites are bound to get stained. To fight stains and bring your teeth to their original form, you can try quick fixes like teeth whitening strips and whitening pens.

Whitening Strips vs Whitening Pen

Whitening strips are very popular and easy to use as you simply have to remove their back cover and apply them on your tooth surface starting from the centre of your teeth. They contain pre-applied whitening agents that work their magic within minutes and fight stains to reveal whiter teeth.

Whitening pens are another handy teeth-whitening product which contains whitening gels. When this whitening gel from the pen is painted all over the stained tooth, it breaks down stains and lightens the tooth colour.

While they both give you pearly white teeth, these teeth-brightening methods are starkly different. The best thing about both whitening strips and whitening pens is that you don’t need to visit your local dentist and these treatments can be done from the comfort of your home.

Not just that, they are budget-friendly, hassle-free, and easy to use in comparison to in-person teeth whitening treatment options. Choose makeO toothsi spark teeth whitening kit to get a complete teeth whitening kit that will ensure that you never have to worry about pale and yellow teeth again.

Difference between Whitening Strips vs Whitening Pen

Let’s understand the differences between these products based on some of its features

How they work

Whitening strips are disposable strips that have a pre-applied whitening agent on them. When the strip comes in contact with the teeth, the brightening formulation in the strip lightens stains and gives you a white smile. Whitening pens on the other hand also use whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide or PAP but these are present in a gel form. Using the pen to paint stained teeth with this whitening gel helps lighten the colour and enhance your smile.


While we expect whitening strips and whitening pens to both give us whiter and brighter teeth, it is teeth whitening strips that provide more solid and visible results in one go. Whitening strips can lighten the teeth by 5-7 shades, whereas whitening pens can only brighten them by 2-3 shades.


Both strips and pens are easy to use and compatible with LED devices, however, pens can be more convenient as each tooth can be easily covered. On the other hand, whitening strips can be less effective for users with crooked or misaligned teeth.


Whitening strips need to be worn for 15-30 minutes depending on the strength of the product. Meanwhile, the whitening pen requires only a few minutes of downtime and can be dissolved with some water.


Whitening strips contain agents like Hydrogen Peroxide which may cause sensitivity. Furthermore, whitening strips also feature glycerin as a thickener, have additional artificial flavours to enhance the product experience and contain preservatives to prolong shelf-life. The same goes for whitening pens and they may also contain alcohol!


When it comes to comfort, using the pen is more comfortable as it comes in a gel form, whereas whitening strips are known to cause some discomfort, sensitivity and irritation.


In India, both the strips and whitening pens can cost anywhere between Rs.400 and Rs.1000. It depends on which brand you choose and how many you wish to buy. Typically whitening pens are a bit cheaper than whitening strips, however, prices vary from brand to brand.

Whitening Strips vs Whitening Pen: The Final Verdict

The bottom line is that both whitening strips and whitening pens are effective in giving you pearly white teeth without having to make multiple clinic visits. While people with straight teeth can opt for whitening strips, people with misaligned or crooked teeth must consider choosing a whitening pen as it is more suitable for them.

Have you decided to buy yourself a teeth-whitening pen but don’t know where to shop? You can shop for makeO toothsi spark which is a new age teeth whitening pen which comes with PAP technology and gives you visibly white teeth at your leisure. To tackle crooked teeth, you can also explore our sleek, modern and painless clear aligners. They are entirely invisible to the naked eye and removable, so you can comfortably fix your misalignments and then correct your teeth' colour too! To explorer the range of makeO toothsi oral care products, visit today!


Who should opt for whitening strips?

People with straight teeth with no teeth complications can opt for whitening strips.

Who should opt for a teeth-whitening pen?

People who have crooked teeth or have any other teeth misalignment problem must consider choosing a teeth whitening pen over whitening strips.

What to do after you use a teeth whitening pen or whitening strips?

After using a teeth whitening pen or a whitening strip, you must rinse your teeth with water without using a toothpaste.

How convenient are whitening pens and whitening pens?

Both whitening strips and whitening pens are very convenient. You can use them and then do chores around the house or work and remove them after the recommended period and get shiny teeth without any stress.

Can I use a whitening pen every day?

We recommend you use a whitening pen daily for a week for the best results. After this, you can use the whitening pen after a couple of weeks when you feel like your teeth have started to appear pale and could use some shine.

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