How Effective are Night Time Aligners?


There have been many advancements in the dental industry in terms of providing effective and convenient teeth correction processes. Once such innovation is nighttime aligners. The use of nighttime aligners is a new and upcoming concept in the world of teeth corrections that you should definitely know about.

What are Nighttime Aligners?

Nighttime aligners are a set of clear aligner trays similar to traditional aligners, that you are supposed to wear during your sleep time. You are supposed to wear the nighttime clear aligners for a timeframe of 8-10 hours to achieve the desired corrections. These aligners are designed to carry out the teeth correction process while you are asleep at night.

Since this is a relatively new concept, you may have questions such as do nighttime aligners work, which are the best nighttime aligners in the market, what are the nighttime aligner prices, and much more. We are going to address these questions, while looking at some benefits and drawbacks of using nighttime clear aligners.

Benefits of Nighttime Clear Aligners

Less Wearing Time:

The most important benefit of using nighttime aligners is the amount of time you are supposed to wear them. You need to wear these aligners for only 10 hours per day while you are asleep. As for clear aligners, you have to wear them for a minimum of 22 hours for effective treatment.

Eat All You Want:

When you opt for any teeth correction treatment through braces, there might be food restrictions to safeguard the braces. However, in these types of aligners, there are no food restrictions as you have to wear them while you are asleep.

Use with Comfort:

These aligners come in a set of clear trays that easily slide onto your teeth to carry out the treatment. You won’t experience any major discomfort in your mouth such as cuts or bruises that occur during the use of traditional braces.

Be Socially Free:

You will be socially free while using the nighttime aligners as you don’t have to face any discomfort while speaking or smiling. Using these aligners only at night will give you the freedom to attend social events and gatherings with ease during the day. You won’t face problems such as stuttering or speech impairment that may happen with traditional braces.

Are Night Clear Aligners Effective?

The night clear aligners are usually recommended for cases that require mild to moderate teeth correction requirements. Since this is a relatively new concept, there is not much research or trials conducted on the effectiveness of this new category of aligners. You can carry out your treatment under the guidance of an orthodontist to ensure the effectiveness of these aligners.

Is Nighttime Alignment Safe?

You need to wear traditional clear aligners for 22 hours a day to achieve effective tooth movement. However, nighttime clear aligners have a requirement of 10 hours per day of usage which is still debatable for effective tooth movement. You can always consult an orthodontist to see if night aligners are a perfect fit for teeth misalignment issues.


Are nighttime aligners effective?

The effectiveness of nighttime aligners depends upon the type of teeth correction. Nighttime aligners are an effective option for mild to moderate teeth correction cases. Also, you have to wear the aligners properly for the recommended amount of time.

What is the difference between aligners and nighttime aligners?

You have to wear traditional clear aligners for at least 22 hours a day for effective treatment. You can remove your aligners only while cleaning and eating. You have to wear nighttime aligners only for 10 hours every night when you are asleep.

How long do nighttime aligners last?

Treatment with nighttime aligners will last for a longer time compared to traditional aligners. Since these aligners are used only at night, the treatment time can be increased for effective teeth correction.

Can I wear nighttime aligners all day?

No, nighttime aligners are designed to be used at night and you need to wear them for only 10 hours each day. If you want to wear aligners all day, then you should go for traditional aligners that require 22 hours a day of wearing time.

Are braces better than aligners?

Invisible aligners are a better option for adults who want to straighten their teeth discreetly and comfortably. Invisible aligners can straighten teeth while covering a variety of issues such as crooked teeth, uneven bite, gaps in teeth, etc. Braces can be used for children and teens that don’t require the need to carry out the treatment discreetly.

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