Teeth Whitening for Brides: Everything you need to know

best teeth whitening for brides

May 26th

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Flash your Megawatt Smile on your Wedding Day

Your wedding is guaranteed to be filled with smiles, pictures and happy memories. All eyes are going to be on the bride and it is understandable if you want everything about your D-day to be perfect and Instagram-able. You will surely be photographed a lot, and not just by the professionals. Everyone at the event will want to click pictures of the power couple (especially the bride) for their Instagram.

While preparing to look picture-perfect on your wedding, you might have planned the entire makeup look, the outfit, lighting and every minute detail weeks, if not, months in advance. We are here to draw your attention to one of the most overlooked aspects of a picture-perfect look- A Bright Pearly Smile!

Getting the teeth cleaned and whitened is often neglected amongst wedding preparations. All your photos are going to capture your beaming smile making it essential to make your smile ready for the pictures as well. If you are someone who wants to wear a flawless bright smile at their wedding but is intimidated to visit the dentist multiple times before the wedding, we got your back!

Stop looking for healthy teeth tips for weddings on the internet and listen to what the experts at makeO toothsi have to say.

Teeth Whitening for Brides

Teeth whitening is a very personalised process and varies from person to person (or Bride to Bride in this case!). There are several factors involved in this process and the best results are only obtained when the bride teeth whitening process is performed with proper care and with the right set of products.

Teeth Spark Whitening Kit by makeO toothsi

Say goodbye to the hassles of visiting the dentist’s clinic time and again or spending hours to get clean and white teeth. We are bringing to you the most advanced technology in a teeth whitening kit that can be used from the comfort of your home. The bride teeth whitening kit consists of a unique PAP technology-based whitening gel and a portable whitening accelerator mouthpiece with blue LED technology. Our gel is CE, CPSR, RoHS certified making it completely safe to use. All you have to do is apply, wait, rinse and smile for the pictures as bright as you can!

What is the best time to get your teeth whitened?

Be it any skin-care procedure, henna art or makeup products, it is advisable to avoid trying anything that you haven’t tried before close to your wedding day. Same is the case with teeth whitening for brides. Don’t leave the treatment for the last few days. If you are using FDA-approved makeO toothsi bride teeth whitening kit, there are very slim chances of you having any kind of allergic reaction. However, to avoid any possibility of mild irritation in the gums, it is always a good idea to try the product at least a week or two prior to the wedding.

Who can opt for a teeth whitening procedure?

The best part about our teeth whitening kit is that it can be used by anyone (except children below the age of 14 and pregnant women). Even if it is not your wedding, there are several instances where having this teeth whitening kit may come in handy. Having bright and white teeth is essential if you have an important occasion coming up, a festival, an important meeting, a date or any place where you want to look your best, well-groomed and confident self.

How many sessions are required for best results and what are the after-care steps to be followed?

makeO toothsi’s teeth whitening kit is easy to use, safe, comfortable and highly effective. In our kit, you will receive a PVC shade card that you can use to track the shift in the colour of your teeth. While the results vary from person to person, the results of our kit can be seen from the first session itself. One teeth whitening session takes about 30-35 minutes and you can repeat this procedure once a day for 9-12 days for best results. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the steps to follow:

  • Rinse your mouth and the mouthpiece tray
  • Dry the teeth surface and apply the gel on it (use approximately 0.5 to 0.7 ml of gel or just enough to cover the surface of the tooth)
  • Attach the tray to the LED whitening accelerator mouthpiece. Now press the power button on
  • Keep the tray for 15 mins (up to 30 mins for best results) and rinse your mouth to wash off the gel
  • Avoid consuming anything except water for 30 mins after the process.
  • Compare the before and after shades with your PVC shade card and notice the difference yourself!

What is the Average Cost of teeth whitening sessions?

Owning a whitening kit is surely an economical and convenient option than visiting the dentist’s clinic, let us show you how. According to research, a professional teeth whitening treatment can cost anywhere between ₹7,000 to ₹20,000 (the cost may vary depending on the dentist and location). Whereas the teeth whitening kit from makeO toothsi costs only ₹5,499 (if you are lucky, on certain days you may even get it at a discounted price). It comes with 3 teeth whitening pens, 1 UV LED light tray, 1 adapter for iPhone, Type-C & USB, User Manual and 1 PVC shade card. The shelf life of the gel is up to 6 months allowing you to reuse the kit and reducing the overall cost per session.

Let us help you get the most vibrant smile on your wedding day

We at makeO toothsi have helped thousands of people look and feel more confident about their smiles by fixing any and every problem they may be facing with their oral care. From fixing crooked teeth with teeth aligners to futuristic teeth whitening kits, we provide everything to improve your oral health and make your smile look spectacular. We have taken the path of innovative technology to make people’s lives happier. Try out the teeth whitening kit and let us play a part in making your special day a little bit brighter and sparkly.

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