Seema is a more confident HR professional today


“Even though I was a confident person, being so conscious of my smile just brought me”

Seema is a busy 27 years old HR professional who over the past years has interacted with hundreds of people on a daily basis.

Even though she met everyone with a smile, she was really conscious of it because of her teeth gap. So much so that she would end up focusing more on hiding her smile or being conscious of it rather than focusing on the point she was trying to make. The gap between her teeth had started affecting her work.

Seema knew this had to change, she had to bridge that gap. But not with braces, she knew that too. Then one fine day, she discovered toothsi, on Instagram. The concept of teeth straightening being invisible and at-home was unheard of. She immediately contacted toothsi and booked a scan. If you ask her today, she may confess that she was slightly skeptical as the concept was new to her. But once she met the toothsi pro, she knew she knew there’s no looking back now. Only smiling ahead that smile she always desired.

Seema Smiling

She also heaved a sigh of relief when she found out it was going to be a painless treatment. Seema was quite familiar with the horrors of painful teeth straightening treatment by braces since a lot of her friends had opted for that. But seeing the amount of pain they had to endure, the only thought she had in her mind was “Let my teeth be like this, it’s ok. I’m never getting braces and be in so much pain.” Well, that wasn’t acceptable to us.

We printed her custom-aligners and delivered it to her doorstep. “When I first put them on, I thought these will be difficult to use but after using them three to four times, they became a normal part of my life.” The first three months, she couldn’t really see the difference but the aligners were doing their job, quietly and silently. As soon as the fourth month came around the corner, she started noticing her teeth gap closing and she couldn’t be more excited!

One of her favorite moments was when she first met her friends after starting the treatment. They asked her where her aligners were and that they wanted to see them. Seema, with a beaming smile, said “I have them on, right now!”

seema smiling

Seema’s convinced she chose the right smile partner after exploring all the available options. toothsi aligners haven’t disrupted her lifestyle and she is now more confident about going about her role as an HR professional.

And oh yes, she smiles even more now!

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