Removable vs Permanent Retainers: How to Choose your Retainers


After a long and persistent treatment, you finally achieved the healthy smile that you always wanted. Cheers to your patience; however, the journey of your smile transformation does not end just here. You might be wondering what the next step is? In order to keep your celeb-like smile sustained, you need to start using retainers immediately.

Our teeth have the tendency to move away from their respective places even after treatment. This is where the need for retainers comes, and it plays a significant role in preventing this relapse.

Now the question arises, “what kind of retainers should I invest in?” To help you solve your confusion, we are here to tell you the difference between removable and permanent retainers.

  1. Removable retainers Hawley and Essix are two kinds of removable retainers that are customized to fit in a person’s mouth with ease. On the one hand, Hawley retainers are made with stainless steel and are placed with the help of a wire wrapped around your teeth. Essix retainers, on the other hand, are invisible or clear retainers made to remain unnoticed.

  2. Fixed or permanent retainers Permanent retainers are fixed to your teeth, unlike removable retainers. Since they cannot be removed, there are fewer chances of your teeth moving at any time of the day. However, since these retainers made with metal bars are placed at the backside of your it creates the hindrance of oral care wherein the users find it difficult to brush and floss.

How to choose your retainers?

After spending your precious money and time on aligners or braces, the last thing you would want is your teeth to undergo movement once again. Therefore, it is important to choose the best-suited retainers for your teeth to save yourself from further use of aligners or braces. Both removable and permanent retainers have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. It is up to your orthodontist and you to decide which retainers would work more efficiently for your teeth.

Removable retainers


  • The most important benefit of choosing a removable retainer is its primacy of being “removable.” You do not feel a sense of boundation wearing these retainers because they can be removed whenever and however you want to remove them.
  • Cleaning these retainers is also extremely easy. Since they are removable, you can avoid the potential stains caused by certain food items.


  • At times, there are chances that you might forget to carry them while going out.
  • Removable retainers must be changed every few months. Although, you can get them with a mere click on toothsi.

Permanent retainers


  • Permanent retainers cannot be forgotten or lost because they are permanently attached to your teeth.
  • Placed at the back of your teeth, fixed retainers are discreet for others to notice.


  • Brushing and flossing become difficult with permanent retainers on. Therefore, you need to purchase special oral cleansing tools to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Permanent retainers costs more if compared to removable retainers.
  • Although permanent retainers are lighter in weight when compared to braces, some individuals do not like the feel of retainers wired to the back of their teeth.

If you have read till here, you might have attained a detailed understanding of both types of retainers. Choose the most comfortable retainers for effective results based on your preferences and lifestyle.

We at toothsi have some amazing orthodontists to clear away all your remaining doubts and suggest the best feasible option of retainers for your teeth. Let toothsi help you with this last step of your smile makeover.

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