Basics of OPG X-Ray: What It Is, Uses & More

OPG X-Ray of Teeth

If you are going through a dental treatment, then you might notice yur doctor taking an OPG X-ray of your teeth.

Though this dental jargon might sound complex, it is nothing but just a panoramic scanning X-ray of your upper jaw and lower jaw. Curious to know more about what exactly an OPG X-ray entails and what are the uses of it? Read this article to know everything you must know about OPG X-rays.

What is an OPG X-ray?

An OPG stands for Orthopantomagram and it is a panoramic flattened two-dimensional scan of your upper jaw and lower jaw. Note that an OPG X-ray shows fewer details but a broader view of your teeth.

Typically, an OPG X-ray blurs the structures which are outside the area that is viewed. An OPG X-ray for teeth helps your dentist get to the root of your dental issues and detect them early on before they worsen over time.

6 advantages of getting an OPG X-ray

Wondering what is the use or benefit of an OPG X-ray of teeth? There are a plethora of benefits of OPG X-ray. Dentists and orthodontists are able to detect your dental issues more accurately with the help of an OPG X-ray.

Here are 6 other benefits of an OPG X-ray that you must know.

  1. They are used during your routine dental check-ups to detect dental issues before they become worse.
  2. They help with any dental treatment related to your wisdom teeth.
  3. They help to see a child’s jaw and teeth.
  4. They are used if you suffer from issues like TMJ or teeth grinding.
  5. It takes only three to five minutes and hence is very convenient.
  6. It emits low radiation and hence it is a safe procedure for children and adults alike.

Simple precautions to take while getting a dental X-ray

Just like in the case of any other procedure, there are certain precautionary steps that you can take to ensure that you have a smooth treatment experience.

Here are 5 basic things to keep in mind:

  1. You must remove eyeglasses, jewellery or any other metal objects that can obscure the dental image.
  2. You must avoid moving while taking a dental X-ray scan and stay very still.
  3. You will be asked to stand with your face resting on a shelf and you will be given a sterile mouthpiece which you must bite on gently to keep your head steady for the X-ray.
  4. Pregnant women should avoid going for dental X-rays.
  5. Remember a dental X-ray is a painless procedure and hence it is nothing to be anxious about.

Where can I get an OPG X-ray taken?

An OPG X-ray of teeth can either be a part of your regular check-up or you can book a separate appointment for it at your local dentist.

Typically, your OPG will be taken by your dentist and within seconds it will be developed and your dentist will be able to study it and give you a correct evaluation of your dental case.

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The final verdict is that an OPG X-ray is a dental scan that is typically taken by your dentist or orthodontist at the beginning of your treatment or during routine check-ups to detect any teeth issues.

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Can OPG detect infection?

Yes, an OPG X-ray can help your dentist or orthodontist to detect infections, cysts, tumours in your teeth.

What can you detect with the help of an OPG X-ray?

You can detect oral infections, abscesses, teeth cavities, fractures, jaw dislocation, infection, tumours and gum diseases with the help of an OPG X-ray.

Is OPG harmful?

Note that the level of radiation you encounter when you get an OPG X-ray is almost negligible and hence it is not a harmful procedure for your overall health. Just ensure that you don’t receive them regularly as a safety precaution.

How long does an OPG scan take?

An OPG scan is not at all time-consuming as it only takes about 3 to 5 minutes.

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