Misaligned teeth? Here's how you can boost your confidence with Clear Aligners


Remember Michael Scott from The Office? Always a happy human with a confident and wide smile? No matter what, he is the charm of his workplace! If you wish to smile just like him with so much confidence, we’ve got it all covered for you!

We understand you might be vulnerable to lose your confidence because of misaligned teeth. This is why we at toothsi are here to be your silent companion and help you power through your important and special days with your dream smile that will win the hearts of everyone around you. We bring to you clear aligners, a perfect solution for the ultimate smile makeover!


Whether you are a student, a working person, or a middle-aged person, we know that misaligned teeth can be embarrassing and break your confidence among your peers. Why flash a hesitant smile in situations where all you want to do is grin? Why laugh muffled laughs? Why be perpetually conscious about something that is completely fixable? Let us hold your hand and take you on a journey that will silently mend all your teeth related insecurities. Let’s go, shall we?

Why should I choose clear aligners?

Unlike metal braces, clear aligners don’t push you under a spotlight. Yeah, we are empathetic like that. We have clear aligners for you; no one can notice them, easing all your sense of anxiety and consciousness. No raised eyebrows, no smirks passed, no furrowed brows. These aligners are super convenient, removable, stain-free, and customized.

Do you ever wish that your crooked teeth could be magically fixed? Well, abracadabra! That magic is now a reality. We are here to change the narrative from a tooth fairy taking away our tooth to a ‘toothsi’ fairy fixing our misaligned teeth with the magical powers of clear aligners. We grant you the complete authority to take them off and put them on whenever you please, but remember to wear them for at least 20 hours a day!

You can laugh out loud only when you feel confident. To feel a certain way, you have to put in efforts, not just in the way you look but also in taking care of yourself daily. Amongst all the things you do to groom yourself, maintaining oral hygiene seems to be of utmost importance. Clear aligners never get in the way of brushing your teeth, flossing, gargling, or tongue cleaning. Since they are removable, they cause zero obstruction in cleansing your mouth daily. Fix your misaligned teeth but don’t let anything come in the way when it comes to their daily care. Oral hygiene? Check.

Why should I choose toothsi ?

Our specialised team of qualified professionals with 10+ years of experience have had clients from different walks of life. We’ve been told that we are chosen over any other teeth straightening service provider because of the unparalleled at-home experience that we offer. Once you opt for a teeth straightening treatment with us online, we send out toothsi pros to find your humble abodes. First, our toothsi pro takes a 3D scan of your misaligned teeth and delivers it to our panel of orthodontists. Next, they digitally diagnose the root cause for your misaligned teeth and curate customized clear aligners that are a unique fit for your teeth. Finally, you can connect with your assigned orthodontist over a one-on-one video consultation session where you are free to ask questions and clarify all your queries.

We have partner clinics in more than thirteen cities in India, including Mumbai, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Delhi, and Jaipur. What makes us stand apart, you ask? It’s that we offer our clients a free scan where you simply have to book a scan or order an impression kit. Then, a toothsi pro comes to your doorstep for a 3D scan, hailed as one of the best technologically advanced scanners followed by a smile makeover plan that you approve. Finally, within no days, you’ll have your clear aligners delivered to your place. So? Still, wondering about how to fix misaligned teeth? Come on, hurry! Book your free scan with toothsi today.

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