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Metal vs ceramic braces: Which one is better for you?

children's braces

As we all know, the purpose of all braces is to give you perfectly aligned teeth, just like our favourite celebrities. Braces would also help you achieve a pearly white smile that lights up any room you step into!

With several braces types in the market today, choosing one that perfectly suits your needs can be a task that requires thorough time and research. The debate of metal vs ceramic braces has been going on for years, but we are here to give you all the answers you need. So, if you are ready to take on the next step in your orthodontic journey, keep on reading!

Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces

To settle the debate of metal vs ceramic braces, we must look at the advantages and disadvantages. There is no denying that whenever we hear the word braces, we immediately think of metal braces that use wires and brackets to align teeth.

When you are reading about metal vs ceramic braces, there’s one major point of difference you will find, ceramic braces are tooth-coloured and not shiny silver like their metal counterparts. This means that ceramic braces are much less visible. These braces use clear ligatures and brackets while still using metal wires. Apart from these simple differences you found while reading about metal vs ceramic braces, there are some more that can help you make a better orthodontic decision for your child, or whoever needs braces.

Metal Braces vs Ceramic Braces: A Comparison

Here are some other major differences between these braces types that you should consider.

1. Comfort

Since ceramic braces have some ceramic parts in the braces they are known to be a tab bit more comfortable than traditional wired braces.

2. Price

The price of invisibility with ceramic braces is high as these types of braces are known to cost much more than regular metal braces.

3. Efficacy

While ceramic braces are more comfortable and a great option aesthetically, traditional braces do the job better. Metal braces are known to be the best type of braces for extreme cases and advanced bite issues.

4. Durability

Metal brackets and wires can have breakage issues however, they are strong and durable. Ceramic braces are not as durable as metal braces and can incur wear and tear quickly. You will also run the risk of staining with ceramic braces!

To summarise, these are the main differences you should make a note of:

Ceramic Braces

  • These have tooth-coloured or clear brackets and ligatures and are less visible
  • Not too durable and can incur damage
  • Is more comfortable
  • Can correct many types of misalignments but not extremely severe ones
  • Expensive
  • May need more treatment time to show results

Metal Braces

  • These are directly visible
  • Strong and durable
  • Causes more discomfort
  • Can correct all kinds of misalignments including advanced bite issues
  • Cheaper than ceramic braces
  • Will not need as much time as ceramic braces to show results

We all know that metal braces are super affordable, which has led to it becoming many people’s first choice. However, many kids may feel shy wearing these braces, which has brought in the idea of ceramic braces as these match the colour of your child's teeth, making them way less visible.

But, if there’s one fallback of ceramic braces, it is that they can become discoloured over time.Clear aligners are the perfect middle ground for this metal vs ceramic braces debate. They are not only invisible, but they are also removable, durable, effective and show results within a few months! Nowadays, if you visit a dentist and ask for the best option to align your child’s teeth, they tell you that invisible aligners are the best option. Don’t know what they are? We’ll tell you!

Say Goodbye to Braces with makeO toothsi clear aligners

One of the best alternatives to braces in the market today are toothsi invisible aligners. They use gradual force to align your teeth into the correct position, and they are gaining more and more popularity every day!

They can be removed at your convenience, allowing you to eat whatever foods you want without worrying about them getting stuck in your teeth. And their plastic material is customised to your child's teeth for the perfect match! At makeO toothsi, you can find a team of expert orthodontists that would be with your child throughout their teeth aligning journey, right to the finish line!


1. Are metal braces better than ceramic ones?

Metal braces are more effective and durable than ceramic braces. Metal braces can also solve advanced misalignments that ceramic braces cannot. However, ceramic braces are more comfortable and less visible, which is why many opt for them.

2. Do ceramic braces work faster than metal braces?

No, generally ceramic braces take up more time than metal braces to give the desired results.

3. What is the disadvantage of metal braces?

They are not removable, causing discomfort and soreness too. With metal braces, the user cannot eat sticky and chewy foods or hard foods as this can cause damage to the wires.

4. Are metal braces more expensive than ceramic ones?

Ceramic braces typically cost more than metal braces because not only are they not as easily available, but they are also made from a special enamel-coloured ceramic material and not metal.

blog / oral care / Metal vs ceramic braces: Which one is better for you?

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