Medhavi’s smile lights up her dance performances


“Now I’m not worried of someone taking my candid pictures”

Medhavi isn’t new to the spotlight. The 19-year-old has been performing ballet since the age of 9 and exuded confidence through her performance. But something wasn’t right. She wasn’t confident of her smile and she would make a very conscious decision of hiding it. All thanks to her protruding teeth.


It became more apparent when she would hang out with her huge circle of friends. Medhavi would constantly ensure no one is taking her candid pictures and made her best friend delete those pictures in which her teeth could be seen.

Needless to say, she wanted to do something about it. Medhavi and her parents were looking for a teeth-straightening solution for years. She was clear- she just didn’t want braces. Not with her going up on stage for ballet performances. Nothing ever worked out, until toothsi’s ad popped up on her Instagram feed.

“At the very beginning when I saw the ad, I ran to my mom and I was like- Hey, you know I found this, and she was super excited because we were looking for something like this for a very long time now”

She was so excited to come across something that would finally straighten her teeth without it being visible. They immediately called toothsi and booked a scan. After she got her smile plan, she didn’t think twice before booking her aligners. At first, it was the aligners’ invisibility that excited her. Then she realized how comfortable and convenient they were.

“So, the best part is that it doesn’t hinder my studies, it doesn’t hinder my daily work at home. So, I think I can very comfortably study, I can go down to play, I can go down for a walk, I can hit the gym, it doesn’t really matter”

Her friends were stunned to see a ‘different’ Medhavi after the lockdown. They were sure the teeth were protruding as the lockdown began, they didn’t notice any braces during their video calls, and yet her teeth were now straight. (Well, we can see why they must have trouble believing her!)

The most exciting part of the day for Medhavi is getting up in the morning and rushing to the mirror to see the minor difference in her teeth. Her parents also share the excitement as her teeth move into a straighter position.

What’s the best part of it all for Medhavi? Well, it’s the way people react. When she posts a photo of her smiling showing her teeth, she comes across comments like, “Woah, You know wow, okay, you have changed. Your face is looking so much different now.”


She says, “My teeth were protruding before and now they are much more aligned. I feel the jaw structure has also changed a lot. So, it gives a better look to my face when I smile. I get better candids now. I am more confident approaching people, talking to people, going on camera, getting my photos clicked. So, I feel it gives a person a lot of confidence when they have a good set of teeth.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s to Medhavi rocking all her future ballet performances with smiles and confidence.

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