How to Use Clear Teeth Straighteners?


With clear teeth straighteners, correcting teeth misalignment has become painless and simpler than ever. Unlike metal braces, these teeth straighteners do not have any metal wires or brackets; rather, they have high quality and flexible plastic, making them super easy to handle.

With us, you can stay assured of a smooth at-home smile makeover journey at an affordable price. Besides, you can be worry-free about the discomfort or problems you might face throughout the process as we have a dedicated team of experts to assist you.

However, to maintain the transparency of the aligners and keep away from oral problems throughout the process, you just need to keep a few simple yet important tips in mind.

1. Wash Your Teeth Straighteners Regularly

To maintain the transparency and invisibility of your teeth straighteners, we advise you to gently wash them at least once or twice a day or whenever you take them off and dry your straighteners before wearing them again. It helps remove the impurities that might stick to your aligners.

2. Wear Them For The Maximum Duration Possible

For the best results, it is advisable to wear your aligners for the maximum number of hours possible, at least for 20 hours or more a day, including sleeping hours. Otherwise, the pace of your process might slow down and take a couple of extra days or months.

3. Avoid Coloured Drinks and Food

It is preferable to avoid having food and drinks containing dye, such as wine or iced and coloured lollies with your aligners on, as they might stain your aligners and hamper their transparency. However, you can enjoy such drinks or lollies after removing your aligners. But, before wearing them again, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth properly.

4. Blunt The Sharp Ends

When you start with your teeth straightening journey, you get a sequence of different sets of aligners. Whenever you begin with a new set of teeth straighteners, it is important to check the edges of the aligners. In most cases, the edges are not sharp, but if there’s any, you can make blunt them with the help of a nail filer before putting them on to eliminate the chances of injury.

With metal braces, you are always at a risk of having cuts and injuries in your mouth due to the complex metal brackets and wires. Clear aligners eliminate this risk.

5. Brush And Floss Your Teeth After Each Meal

To eat comfortably and without any limitations, it is important to remove your clear teeth straighteners before eating. It is preferable to brush and floss your teeth properly to remove the food particles stuck in your teeth after having your meal and before wearing your aligners again.

6. Store Them In A Case

Whenever you remove your teeth straighteners for any purpose, it is important to store them in the aligner’s case. Otherwise, mishandling aligners might damage them or reduce their effectiveness.

It is also important to wash your case regularly, at least once a day, to remove the impurities or dust. This reduces the chances of bacterial growth on your teeth straighteners even further.

7. Do Not Use Toothpaste or Abrasive Material on Your Aligners

To keep the invisibility and effectiveness of your teeth straighteners intact, it is important to be careful while choosing the cleaning agent for your aligners. You should avoid scrubbing your aligners with a denture cleaner, mouthwash or other strong cleaners as these can be a bit abrasive to your teeth straighteners, making them appear dull.

We’ve covered most of the things you need to be careful about while using clear teeth straighteners. And most of them are pretty easy to keep up with, right? However, despite following this routine, if you face any problem throughout the process, we are just a consultation or call away!

Experience a smooth teeth straightening journey with toothsi!

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