How to Remove Braces from Teeth? - Braces Removal Process and Next Steps

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Mar 28th

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Teeth correction process can take up-to 12-24 months to get the desired results. Every person undergoing a teeth correction through braces eagerly waits for the braces removal process to begin. Your braces are removed when your teeth have been effectively aligned in their desired position and the alignment treatment is complete.

When Does Removal of Braces for Teeth Happen?

Your orthodontist will give you an estimated time of treatment at the end of which your braces will be removed. Your orthodontist will check the alignment of your teeth throughout your treatment to make sure your teeth correction is proceeding as planned. Once the alignment is satisfactory, your braces removal process will begin.

How are Braces Removed From Your Teeth?

  • The responsibility of taking braces off your teeth at the end of your treatment is handled by your orthodontist. You don’t have to worry about how to remove your braces as the orthodontist will carefully examine the alignment of your teeth through regular checkups. Once your teeth correction is complete, you will be informed about the day for the removal of your braces.

  • Your orthodontist will start by removing the archwire on both the upper and lower parts of your teeth.

  • A special dental plier will be used to detach each bracket from the tooth. You may experience some pressure on your teeth when the brackets are removed. You may also hear a strong clicking sound made by the plier during the removal of brackets.

  • The orthodontist will then carry out the cleaning of your teeth to remove any remaining dental glue.

  • After the braces are completely removed, the measurements of your corrected teeth will be taken to create a mould structure. This mould structure will be used by your orthodontist to create retainers.

Maintaining Teeth After Braces Removal

You have to maintain your teeth correction results even after the removal of your braces. The process of maintaining aligned teeth after braces removal includes wearing retainers as recommended by your orthodontist. Wearing retainers will help you to avoid any relapse that may take place due to the teeth moving to their original positions. You also have to maintain your teeth by brushing them twice a day and cleaning them with the help of floss and mouthwash.

What is the Braces Removal Cost?

You do not have to pay any additional price for the removal of your braces. The braces removal price is included in your overall teeth correction plan since the beginning.

The process of how to remove braces will be carried out by your orthodontist once your teeth correction process is complete. If you are looking to start your teeth alignment journey, then you can check out high-quality clear aligners from makeO toothsi. The clear aligners from makeO toothsi can fix various teeth alignment issues such as teeth gaps, uneven bite, and crooked teeth. You can start your teeth straightening process with a pricing plan starting from ₹3,219/month.

Braces Removal FAQs

1. How to remove braces at home?

You should not attempt to remove your braces at your home by yourself. Your orthodontist will remove your braces carefully with the help of special dental tools once your teeth correction treatment is carried out properly.

2. Is it painful to remove braces?

You won’t experience any severe pain when removing braces if the process is carried out properly. You can feel slight pressure on the teeth during the removal of brackets from each tooth.

3. How much does removal of braces cost?

The cost of removing your braces is included in your treatment plan which is provided to you at the start of your treatment. You don’t have to pay any extra cost to get your braces removed from your orthodontist.

4. Can I remove my braces alone?

No, you cannot remove your braces alone all by yourself as you can damage your teeth in the process. The responsibility of removing your braces falls under your orthodontist who will use his medical experience to carefully remove your braces.

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