How to cure bad breath naturally forever? Try these 10 foods!

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Garlic and onions are staples in Indian cooking. It’s what makes food delicious and gives us a true sense of happiness. But this happiness is only short-lived when you catch a whiff of your breath and realise how bad it smells. Bad breath is one of the most common oral issues that more than half of the world deals with.

In this article, we will try to understand how bad breath is caused and look at 10 natural food items that can fight it.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is an oral health issue, also known as Halitosis, in which the mouth of a person contains a foul smell. This occurs due to several reasons:

  • Eating certain foods like garlic, onion which contain some oils that when infused in the blood can reach our lungs and give out bad breath.
  • Poor oral hygiene is another top cause of bad breath. Periodically brushing and flossing is the best way to get rid of bad breath and feel fresh in your mouth. Not doing so can keep food particles lodged in between the gaps of your teeth and emit a bad odour.
  • Not cleaning dentures or aligners at regular intervals. Many times the oral devices we wear can contain bacteria and germs on them. These can also cause a foul odour in your mouth. Not cleaning them properly or regularly can only exacerbate bad breath!
  • A dry mouth or a decrease in saliva production means that the food particles in our mouth are not broken down easily. And when they stick around, they are bound to cause bad breath issues.
  • Plaque, tartar and gum disease are all dental issues which have bad breath as a telling symptom. So if you are suffering from these issues, you are bound to face foul odour in your mouth.
  • Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products can not only affect the colour of your lips and teeth, but it can also cause bad breath.
  • Certain health conditions like diabetes, respiratory issues, liver and kidney disorders etc are also known to cause bad breath in the mouth.

10 Foods That Fight Bad Breath

So, now you know what causes bad breath, but do you know how to get rid of bad breath at home? Here is our list of 10 food items that can help your problem!

1. Apples

Apples are one of the most commonly found fruits in the world and guess what? They are perfect for naturally fighting bad breath at home. Rich in fibres and polyphenols, some studies have found apples to easily break down odour particles of garlic and leave a fresher breath in the mouth.

2. Cherries

Cherries are abundant in fibre and vitamin C. They are also adept at breaking down odour-releasing compounds especially methyl mercaptan to ensure that you have a pleasant breath.

3. Citrus fruits

Most citrus fruits like oranges, melons etc are rich in Vitamin C and are known to fight infections, especially gum infections which in turn reduce the presence of bad odour in the mouth.

4. Herbs

Parsley, basil, spearmint, cardamom, rosemary etc are some of the most popular herbs that are eaten to reduce bad breath. Why? It’s because they contain huge amounts of chlorophyll that reset the smell in the mouth and freshen it.

5. Yoghurt

Studies have found that eating yoghurt regularly can reduce the presence of hydrogen sulphide (an awful-smelling compound) drastically, thereby allowing you to stay odour-free.

6. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a very minimal amount of sugar which ensures that the risks of plaque and gum disease are abysmal. It also contains polyphenols like catechin which breaks down garlic-y smells too.

7. Water

This may seem obvious, but water is an underrated natural way of avoiding bad breath. Rinsing your mouth post every meal can help remove food particles from your mouth so they don’t linger and cause bad breath! Even staying hydrated can help keep your mouth pleasant-smelling.

8. Ginger

Ginger contains a variety of compounds that fight bad breath by promoting more saliva production that in turn breaks down odour-causing compounds. Directly chewing on a small piece of ginger can help greatly, but if that is too much, you can boil it in some water and have it too.

9. Green tea

A hot steaming cup of green tea with ingredients like tulsi, cardamom, ginger and more can give you all of the added benefits of each of these ingredients and break down any odour lingering in your mouth.

10. Raw vegetables and fruits

Many raw fruits and vegetables, when fresh, can greatly help in fighting bad breath. From apples, cherries, and citrus fruits to watermelon, mangoes and more, most fruits leave behind a sweet smell that can replace bad odour. Even veggies like carrots, celery, kale, etc are known to help beat bad breath.

The Takeaway

All in all, eating fresh fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, and herbs and having green tea can greatly help in fighting bad breath naturally. But, if you need a more preventative measure, then we suggest focusing on your oral hygiene and using only the most effective products like makeO toothsi’s oral care products.

Our toothsi electro is a sleek and modern electric toothbrush that can swiftly take care of food particles and germs in difficult corners and ensure that your smile is protected and your mouth is as fresh as ever.


What foods get rid of bad breath?

Foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, herbs etc get rid of bad breath.

How to cure bad breath naturally forever?

Bad breath may never go away forever, but maintaining your oral health, rinsing your mouth after every meal and eating fresh vegetables, fruits, ginger, dark chocolate etc are a few ways of naturally eliminating bad breath.

What tea kills bad breath?

Green tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols that break down odour-causing compounds and kill bad breath.

How can I make my breath permanently better?

By using an electric toothbrush like toothsi electro, with fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash and flossing regularly, you can make your breath permanently better.

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