How to Fix Loose Braces? Know All About Braces Tightening

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When you are getting an orthodontic treatment for your teeth through braces, it is necessary to maintain the elements of your braces throughout the treatment. It is possible that the brackets attached to your teeth can get loose due to various reasons leading to loose wires. You need to know how to adjust braces temporarily so that they will be fixed until your next orthodontist visit.

What Happens in Loose Wire Braces?

The brackets that are attached to your teeth through orthodontic glue can get detached or broken completely due to various reasons. When the bracket is detached from the tooth, it can either slide on your archwire or come out completely making your braces feel loose. Having loose braces can affect your teeth straightening process making it necessary to undergo an immediate braces adjustment.

Reasons for Experiencing Loose Braces

Eating Hard Food Products:

Food products such as popcorn, nuts, ice, candies, pears, etc. can put excessive pressure on the brackets leading them to break or get detached from the tooth.

Trauma to Mouth:

If you experience direct trauma to your mouth through an accident or while playing combat sports, then your brackets can be damaged making your braces feel loose.

Poor Bond Strength:

In minimal cases, it is possible that the bracket is not set correctly on your tooth during the teeth-tightening ditting. If you think about why my braces feel loose within 2-3 days of your braces tightening, then this might be the probable reason.

Bad Chewing Habits:

Habits such as constantly chewing fingernails, or the surface of pens and pencils can also lead to your braces getting loose.

Common Risks of Loose Braces

Facing the problem of loose braces can put you at the risk of experiencing various dental issues. Some of the common risks of loose braces are listed below:

  • Choking Hazard

  • Infection

  • Irritation

  • Delayed Treatment

  • Cuts and Sores

How to Fix Loose Braces?

When your braces experience any damage during your treatment, the best solution is to visit your orthodontist for braces adjustment. Before braces adjustment, you can take certain measures to prevent any further damage to your braces.

Schedule an Early Appointment

You need to visit your orthodontist for regular checkups for braces adjustment to tighten the archwire through the brackets. However, if your brackets or archwire are damaged, you need to inform your dental clinic immediately while scheduling an early appointment to address the issue.

Temporary Fix for Loose Brackets

If your bracket is detached or broken leading you to think why do my braces feel loose, then you need to visit your orthodontist to get it fixed. However, if your appointment is scheduled for a later time, then you can apply orthodontic wax on top of the bracket to hold it till you visit the clinic. If the bracket has come off completely, then you can keep it and take it with you to your orthodontist.

Rinse your Mouth Regularly

If you have a loose bracket or a wire that is protruding from the brace’s alignment, then it can irritate your mouth or gums by constant rubbing. You need to rinse your mouth with warm salt water to avoid any irritation or bacteria buildup in these places.

Put Archwire Back into Place

If the wire in your braces is hanging out or broken from any end, use a cotton swab or the eraser at the end of a pencil to put the wire back into its place. This is a temporary fix that will give you some relief till you visit the orthodontist for proper braces tightening.


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1. What to do if my braces bracket is loose?

If your braces bracket is loose, then you should immediately inform your orthodontist and schedule an appointment to fix the issue. You can apply orthodontic wax on the top of the bracket to put it back into place till your visit to the clinic.

2. How can I tighten my braces at home?

You should not try to tighten your braces at home by yourself. Always visit your orthodontist to address issues such as loose braces and to check whether your braces require tightening.

3. Can I glue my braces back on?

You should not attempt to apply glue on your braces if the brackets are detached from your tooth. Your orthodontist will fix this issue correctly by applying special orthodontic glue to your teeth.

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