A Guide To Choose the Best Floss for Teeth

Choose best dental floss

Flossing is one of the best ways of taking care of your teeth after brushing them. Many Indians often skip this step in their oral care routine because they think it is an unnecessary hassle. However, flossing has a great many benefits to offer your teeth and maintain your oral health. But like everything related to oral care and skin care, you must take some time to assess your needs and choose a flossing product that works for you. How do you take this journey? In this article, we’ll guide you with all the pointers you need to consider while choosing the right flossing product for your oral care routine.

Factors to consider while picking the best floss for teeth

1. Dental floss types

Your first step to finding the best floss is to consider the different dental floss types that are available in the market today.

- Traditional floss: It is one of the most popular flossing options. Made with several strands of nylon threads, this flossing product comes in waxed and non-waxed forms.

- PTFE floss: Polytetrafluoroethylene is another popular filament which is used in making floss. It glides seamlessly between teeth and is perfect for those with lesser gaps or braces.

- Water Flosser: Also known as oral irrigation, water flossers are devices that use water to clean the gaps between teeth and are perfect for people with dental appliances like braces, implants etc.

- Dental Tape: Unlike regular floss, dental tape is flatter and is suitable for those who are looking for a broader cleaning device.

2. Specialised floss

If you have dental implants, lingual braces or dental bridges, you might be looking for a more specialised floss rather than a regular one. Super floss, water floss, and dental tape with built-in flosser are a few devices that can help you keep your teeth clean even with difficult orthodontic appliances.

3. Indian Dental Association Seal of Approval

It is very important to use the best dental floss or a flossing device that is tried, tested and safe to use. One of the best ways to find the safest flossing device is by looking out for the seal of approval from the Indian Dental Association and other bodies.

4. Consider personal preferences

Do you enjoy using flavoured items? You can look for flavoured floss too. Want something small and lightweight to carry around, check out a good nylon floss that’s travel-friendly. Have braces or just looking to avoid threads? Use a water flosser instead! When choosing a flossing device make sure to not only assess your teeth needs but also your personal preferences.

5. Look out for additional features

Additional features like eco-friendliness, vegan dental floss ingredients, and biodegradable packaging of flossing devices can act as plus points during your purchase.

Introducing makeO toothsi floss x smart water flosser

Toothsi Floss x smart water flosser is a revelation in flossing. This 4-mode smart water flosser provides a thorough and flexible cleaning experience. It has a rechargeable battery and a travel-friendly build that makes it perfect for at-home and on-the-go flossing too. Actively removes plaque, improves gum health and ensures effective overall teeth cleaning, which makes toothsi floss x smart water flosser one of the best dental floss candidates for your next purchase! To know more about oral-care products, visit makeO toothsi today!


What types of dental floss are most effective?

One of the best floss for teeth has to be the PTFE floss as it is known to glide easily on and between teeth gaps and can clean even tight spaces without shredding easily. Another great alternative to traditional floss is the toothsi floss x smart water flosser with 4 smart cleaning modes, a rechargeable battery and a travel-friendly build.

Is floss good for your teeth?

Yes, dentists around the world suggest flossing once a day, daily to be a good oral hygiene habit to have. Floss ensures that unreachable corners of your mouth and your teeth gaps are free of food particles and germs and maintains your oral health.

Is regular or water floss better?

Research has shown that users feel relatively fresher after using a water flosser, and evidence proves that water flossers are more adept at plaque removal too! Looking for the best water flosser? Check out toothsi floss x smart water flosser today.

Which floss not to use?

Avoid using floss made with polyester, petroleum or Teflon as they are more toxic floss ingredients. Instead choose a biodegradable option or the toothsi floss x smart water flosser with 4 smart cleaning modes, a rechargeable battery and a travel-friendly build.

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