How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

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If you have developed stains or discolouration on your teeth, then teeth whitening is an effective way to bring back your pearly white smile. The process of teeth whitening can be done either from a dental clinic or from the comfort of your home.

If you are wondering how much this procedure could cost then teeth whitening cost will depend upon different factors such as type of treatment, degree of staining on your teeth, overall oral hygiene, etc. Here’s a look at the different teeth whitening charges depending on the type of treatment you choose.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

This treatment is carried out by dispensing a teeth-whitening gel on the surface of your teeth to curb the stains and discolouration. This gel can be dispensed through various methods such as a plastic mould in a whitening kit, whitening strip, whitening pen, etc. The whitening gel mainly consists of a peroxide-based bleaching agent that will break down the stains at the enamel level.

How Much Do Teeth Whitening Cost in India?

There are two distinct ways to carry out teeth whitening that will decide the teeth whitening price. This process can be carried out at a dental clinic which is known as in-office treatment or through a whitening kit which is known as an at-home treatment. Let’s look at the whitening treatment cost as per these two methods.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

This method will be carried out from a dental clinic where the dentist will perform teeth whitening. This is the fastest and more reliable teeth whitening method as the dentist will use a powerful bleaching agent with precision application on your teeth. The professional whitening cost for an in-office treatment will range anywhere between ₹ 8,000 - ₹ 25,000.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

There are various over-the-counter products and teeth whitening kits available in the market to carry out this process from your home. The teeth whitening cost for at-home treatment will vary depending on what product you are using.

· A complete teeth whitening kit with plastic mould and teeth whitening gel will cost anywhere between ₹ 3,000 - ₹ 8,000. · The teeth whitening price for a pack of whitening strips will cost between ₹ 300 - ₹ 800. · A teeth whitening pen used for quick touch-ups and maintaining the whitening results will cost between ₹ 1,000 - ₹ 2,000.

Teeth Whitening Products by makeO toothsi

If you think that whitening treatment at the dentist costs more than what you are willing to pay, then you can try these at-home products by makeO toothsi.

toothsi spark teeth whitening kit

The 2nd generation whitening kit by makeO toothsi is based on a unique PAP technology to give you sparkling white teeth. You will get a whitening gel and a portable whitening accelerator mouthpiece with blue LED technology in this kit.

teeth whitening powder

This teeth whitening powder by makeO toothsi can effectively remove bad breath and polish away the stains on your teeth. Use it by simply dipping your toothbrush in this powder to carry out the cleaning.

toothsi spark teeth whitening pen

This easy-to-carry teeth whitening pen is peroxide-free and it comes with unique PAP technology. You can easily dispense the cleaning gel on your teeth with this pen.


1. How much does it cost to get teeth whitened?

In-office or teeth whitening treatment from a clinic can cost anywhere between ₹ 8,000 - ₹ 25,000 in India. On the other hand, at-home teeth whitening methods including teeth whitening kits and other over-the-counter products can cost between ₹ 300 - ₹ 2,000 in India.

2. Can teeth be whitened permanently?

No, teeth cannot be whitened permanently through any of the teeth whitening methods. However, the whitening results achieved through an in-office treatment can last up to 2-3 years if you maintain your oral hygiene properly.

3. Are teeth whitening safe in India?

Yes, teeth whitening is safe in India, and it can be carried out without any major side effects. You can visit an experienced dentist or purchase a high-quality whitening kit to carry out the teeth whitening. Some people may experience sensitivity in their teeth for 24-48 hours after the treatment.

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