How can a smile improve your career?


Your smile can determine how successful you are at work. Well, a little. Obviously, it won’t replace your hard work but it does lend a helping hand. That sounds crazy right! But it’s true. The simple act of smiling can help you professionally in many ways and eventually help you improve your career. Let’s see how.

1. You’ll feel more confident

Consider this scenario - you go to an important business meeting and you don’t smile the whole time because you are conscious of it. As far as we can assume, that meeting may not be a complete success.

When you smile, it will reflect your confidence and self-esteem. Those who are embarrassed by their smile and try to hide it will come across as unconfident. Just imagine the kind of damage low self-esteem can do at work?

If you invest in a smile makeover, you would be more confident and exude the same at work. Confidence at work can lead to positive results such as a successful interview result, a promotion, or an effective meeting.

2. Smile creates a connection

Smiles are contagious. This means, when you smile, people around you will also smile and form an instant connection with you. This will work in your favour when you are in a stressful work situation.

For instance, you are taking an interview which may be an intense situation for the candidate. If you are serious throughout, the candidate may not be able to perform to this potential. Alternatively, if you smile, it will diffuse the tense situation. You will be able to create a connection and bring out the best in the candidate.

3. It puts others at ease

If you are stressed or intense at work, people will notice it and they will keep some distance from you. You will be projecting your stress on to them and they will be stressed around you.

However, the results would be different if you smile. Your smile will put people at ease and they will feel comfortable and relaxed in your presence. When that happens, they will be more open to your ideas, which will make you a better team player. This will go a long way in boosting your career.

4. It inspires trust

Smiling and confidence go hand-in-hand. When you smile, it sends across a message that you are capable and can get the job done. Your smile has the power to inspire confidence and trust from your peers.

The great part is that even if you are not confident, a smile will make others feel more confident in you. So, the next time you feel your confidence wavering a little bit, just smile.

5. It makes you more creative

It’s true! Smiling can make you more creative. How? Well, dopamine is released when you smile. This hormone is involved in learning, processing, and decision-making. All these come together to boost creativity related to problem-solving. It will even help you be more creative artistically. If you feel stuck at work or a lack of inspiration is blocking your mind, smile. You may just feel the creativity striking you.

6. It can make you more productive

Apart from making you creative, a smile will also make you more productive. When you smile, it releases feel-good hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. This will instantly boost your mood and reduce your stress. When you worry less, you would be more present at work, and therefore, more productive.

If you are looking to do well in an interview for your dream job, aiming for a raise or promotion, just smile. It will work in your favour.

If you are conscious of your smile, you can go for a smile makeover. Book a scan session or talk to our expert team for the same.

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