How Do Aligners Work? Check Aligners Treatment Process

how aligners work

We all know how convenient and almost invisible clear aligners look. But have you ever wondered about how aligners work? Invisible aligners are clear plastic trays that are custom-made to fit your teeth exactly. These trays apply gentle force on the teeth, slowly moving them in the right direction, and correcting the smile.

Interested in having a smile makeOver with clear aligners or just want to know more about how to straighten your teeth? Keep reading.

Stages of Clear Aligners Treatment

There are four main stages or points in the clear aligners journey that lead to a dazzling and perfect smile.

1. Dentist Consultation

You cannot just get braces on a whim! You need an expert to first check your jaw and teeth. They will assess your jaw and teeth placement and decide whether or not you need treatment. They will then explain how aligners work and why you need them too!

2. Teeth scan

To make clear aligners that fit like a glove, your teeth need to be scanned. A 3D scan of your entire jaw can help orthodontists and experts understand your dental issues better and create the perfect clear aligners for you.

3. Usage and regular monitoring

Once you receive and begin to wear your clear aligners for 22+ hours every day, changes in your teeth will begin to occur. Here is when regular visits to the dentist or online calls can help them stay updated on the progress of your teeth. And once the course is complete, you will have the smile you want!

Are Aligners Just as Effective as Braces?

While traditional braces and clear aligners look different, how clear aligners work and the results traditional braces give are the same. Clear aligners do not require wires and brackets but simply work by applying gentle pressure on the teeth to cause teeth movement and correct misalignment. Clear aligners are just as effective as braces for several misalignment types. However, if you have advanced bite issues, it is recommended to use only traditional braces.

About makeO toothsi Clear Aligners

How to straighten teeth at home without braces? makeO toothsi clear aligners are the answer. Here’s how toothsi aligners work: Toothsi clear aligners are made with a flexible and resilient plastic that fits really well and perfectly applies gradual force on the teeth and moves them to their right position.

Our aligners are removable, invisible, easy to maintain, and comfortable to wear. They require no food restrictions and make it easy to brush or floss too. With makeO toothsi, you can book a 3D scan at home and get your clear aligners delivered to your doorstep! And, you can be rest assured about your smile makeOver with makeO toothsi’s regular virtual monitoring of your teeth by experts!


How do aligners work?

Aligners are plastic trays used for smile correction. Clear aligners like toothsi invisible aligners use gentle force and move the teeth gradually till a perfect smile is formed.

How much are clear aligners for?

Contrary to popular belief clear aligners are not extremely costly. Explore makeO toothsi’s affordable EMI plans starting at Rs. 3,219/month to know more!

How to maintain clear aligners?

Clear aligners are easy to use but require maintenance and proper care. Clear aligners must be rinsed and cleaned at least twice a day to avoid staining or the presence of germs and bacteria. Since aligners are made from plastic, they must be kept away from heat as heat can cause damage. In general, aligners must be handled with care and stored safely in their case when not in use to retain their structure and usability.

Can you sleep with clear aligners?

Since clear aligners are only effective if worn for 22+ hours daily, you must wear them to bed! Invisible aligners should be taken off only during eating food or having a beverage.

Who should not get clear aligners?

Children and early teens should not get clear aligners. They are meant only for adults or late teens as they have fully formed teeth. Additionally, if you have advanced bite issues or severely crooked teeth, opt for traditional braces.

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