Have a Teeth Gap? Here's How You Can Fix It with Invisible Braces for Teeth Gap


We love smiling, right? However, orthodontic issues such as a gap in front teeth often make us hesitant while smiling. This creates a fear of being judged by other people. Apart from making us conscious, teeth gaps often harm our oral health and increase the risk of wear and tear of teeth, trouble while eating and speaking, etc. Orthodontists recommend going for a gap between teeth treatment as soon as possible to lower the risk of such problems in the long run.

When it comes to the gap between teeth, everyone wants to go for a comfortable and seamless treatment. Invisible braces for gap teeth are an advanced and upgraded alternative to traditional metal braces that transform your smile without causing any pain or irritation. Let us see how.

All about invisible braces teeth gap

Invisible braces for gap teeth, also known as clear aligners, are an upgraded alternative to traditional metal braces. They are backed with advanced technology, making them a seamless and comfortable smile makeover treatment. They are a set of smooth, transparent plastic trays which fix your gap teeth by applying consistent and gentle pressure on your teeth and moving them to the required position. For an effective and fast treatment, you should wear your clear aligners for about 20-22 hours every day.

Benefits of invisible braces gap teeth

1. They don't let their presence be felt

While traditional metal braces are quite visible, toothsi's clear aligners are hardly visible to the naked eye. So, whether you are on a date with your partner or with your boss, you can smile as wide as you want without feeling conscious about your appearance.

2. Comfort level: max

Our invisible braces for gap teeth are as comfortable and smooth as drinking a cup of hot coffee on a winter morning! While traditional metal braces bruise your cheeks, our clear aligners give you a pain-free smile makeover treatment.

3. Binge eat your favourite food without any restrictions

We all love binge eating our favourite food while watching our favourite show on Netflix, right? While traditional metal braces restrict us from eating hard and chewy food items, toothsi's clear aligners pose no such restrictions. So, enjoy your favourite food while getting your smile makeover done.

4. Hassle-free smile makeover

Our invisible braces for gap teeth are completely removable. As a result, there are almost zero chances of food getting stuck in between your teeth. Moreover, they do not pose any hassle while brushing and flossing your teeth.

5. Top-quality

At toothsi, quality is the top priority. Our invisible braces for gap teeth are free of BPA- plastic and Phthalate, ensuring that you get the best and most seamless smile makeover treatment.

6. Aesthetic and chic

We all love staying updated with the current trends. So, why not with smile makeover treatment? Our clear aligners give you a chic and aesthetic look. So, the next time someone says 'Cheese', show off your wide smile in front of the camera.

Now that we have convinced you to go for our invisible braces for gap teeth to transform your smile, let us tell you another feature of ours. We offer seamless at-home smile makeover treatments with our expert orthodontists just a video call away! So, get a kickstart to your smile makeover treatment with us by booking an online video consultation today!

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