Everything you need to know about at-home teeth whitening


Remember Ross from FRIENDS when he tried to impress a girl by whitening his teeth? Well, he knew a set of pearly whites will up his mojo but he screwed up big time. Well, you can learn from his mistakes and whiten your teeth in the right way, from the comfort of your home.

Yes, you read that right. You can whiten your teeth at-home and get really effective results. Just ensure you avoid Ross’s mistake and use at-home teeth whitening kit just as instructed, you can have a shiny, bright smile yourself.

If you are keen on at-home teeth whitening, here are 5 things you must know.

**1. Your teeth can absorb **

Believe it or not, but your teeth have pores on their surface. Saying that they almost act like a sponge won’t be an exaggeration. If you eat or drink anything that has colour, it will get absorbed into those pores.

Things like coffee, wine or dark berries will surely stain your teeth. So, try to limit their consumption. Over time, these stains will impact the natural colour of your teeth and make them darker and duller.

Unfortunately, these stains won’t go away unless you remove them. You can use professional teeth whitening kits like toothsi spark to make your teeth. The whitening gel gets absorbed by the teeth and gently ‘pushes’ the stains out through the pores. The end result? Whiter, brighter teeth.

** 2. Whitening doesn’t damage your teeth**

Don’t believe the myth that teeth whitening at home can damage your teeth. If used as instructed, at-home professional teeth whitening is incredibly safe. The kit has active ingredients which open up the pores and lifts stains. The teeth will remineralise after each whitening session.

3. Teeth stains cannot be removed in one session

All good things take time to give results. Teeth whitening is no different. If a product claims to give you whiter teeth within one use or one day, there’s your hint to run in the opposite direction.

No whitening agent can safely get absorbed into the teeth and give you results in a single day. Whitening products will take a few sessions to show good results. It may take several sessions to get rid of severe stains. Those with very few stains or if the shade of the teeth is very close to natural white, you may need fewer sessions.

You need to be patient and do multiple sessions, as instructed, to get the best results.

**4. Dental work cannot be whitened **

Do you have dental caps or veneers on your teeth? While at-home teeth whitening kits can whiten the teeth effectively, they cannot change the colour of caps and veneers. However the whitening gel will also not damage the dental work. So, you won’t have to worry about the dental work getting affected when you whiten the teeth.

5. Whiten before bed

Yes, you can whiten your teeth at home whenever you want. However, we suggest you whiten them just before you get into bed. Your teeth are more prone to re-staining immediately after you whiten them. This is because the pores in the teeth will be a little more open after the application of the whitening gel. This will allow the stains to go in more easily and negate the effect of whitening.

So, whiten them right before you snuggle in and catch yet another episode of your favourite series. Pop out the tray and hit the zzzz’s. The gel will get enough time to work on your teeth through the night and you will wake up with brighter teeth.

Let those pearly whites shine!

Order toothsi spark from toothsi shop and get ready to say cheese at every chance you get. After all, whiter teeth deserve to be flaunted and captured in pictures!

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