4 Foods to Avoid While Wearing Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces

Today many people are choosing ceramic braces to get their orthodontic issues fixed. They are as effective as traditional metal braces with the major difference being that they are discrete and invisible just like your clear aligners.

Having said that, ceramic braces are at the end of the day still a type of braces and they come with a certain food restriction that you must follow to make sure that you don’t break or damage them while your treatment is going on.

In this article, we will tell you everything you must know about ceramic braces and what not to eat while wearing them.

Generic food restrictions that come with all braces

We all know that braces don’t just bring pain but also food restrictions that are hard to miss. Here are some food restrictions that you must follow if you are wearing any type of braces.

  • You must avoid sticky or hard foods which can damage the bands, brackets or the wires of the braces.
  • You must limit your consumption of sugary drinks or foods as they can encourage plaque build-up on your braces.
  • You must avoid chewing gums and hard candies which can damage your braces.
  • Dentists recommend people avoid crunchy vegetables and fruits which can damage their braces.

What to Avoid Eating With Ceramic Braces?

Now that you know what are some general food restrictions with most of the different types of braces, here are certain foods that you must avoid at all costs if you wear ceramic braces.

1. Red & purple foods

We are talking about tomato soup and sauce, beetroot, berries, turmeric-heavy cuisines and other staining foods which can stain your ceramic braces and ruin them.

2. Ice

You must never have ice if you are wearing ceramic braces as again they can cause irreversible damage to your ceramic braces.

3. Hard foods

By hard foods we mean pretzels, chips, crisps, hard bread and nuts. You must avoid consuming these hard foods till your braces come off.

4. Chewy & sticky food items

Sticky toffees, caramelised dishes, chewing gums and chewing candies are a big no-no if you are wearing ceramic braces as they can cause damage to your ceramic braces and cost you a lot of money.

4 handy tips on maintaining your ceramic braces

Want to take care of your ceramic braces the right way? Here are some handy tips and hacks that will help you take good care of your ceramic braces.

  • Level up your oral care routine while wearing braces. Brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day and floss once a day for the best results.
  • Go for routine check-ups to ensure that your ceramic braces are doing their job well and don’t need any adjustments.
  • Steer clear of foods and drinks that stain your ceramic braces.
  • Avoid smoking as they can stain your ceramic braces.

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How long after getting ceramic braces can you eat normal foods?

It is recommended that you indulge in soft foods and liquids for the first two weeks after getting your braces. After this, you can start consuming regular foods.

Does it hurt while eating with ceramic braces?

You might feel certain teeth will become tender when you are biting or chewing your food while wearing braces, but it is nothing to fret over.

How can I eat safely with ceramic braces?

Make sure that you soft cook your meat and cut your fruits, breads or anything crunchy into bite-size pieces so that your braces don’t get damaged when you eat your meals.

What we cannot eat in ceramic braces?

Dentists recommend people avoid indulging in sticky, hard and sugary foods while they are on their braces journey. Some common food items which you must avoid if you are wearing braces are popcorn, nuts, chips, ice, etc.

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