Does Using Whitening Strips Have Any Side-Effects?

Does Teeth Whitening Strips have any Side-Effects?

A perfectly white smile boosts confidence and makes one seem more attractive and approachable. This is why many people spend a lot of money on teeth whitening strips. Known to bring out the white of your teeth, these strips are generally easy to find and use at home. But how do they work and are these teeth strips safe?

How do teeth whitening strips work

Teeth whitening strips are generally lined with hydrogen peroxide or a form of it. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong ingredient that can easily bleach your teeth. It works by removing the molecules responsible for the yellowness. Hydrogen peroxide fights the staining to give perfect white teeth.

Are there any side effects of using whitening strips

Do whitening strips damage teeth or have a negative impact on overall teeth health? Yes, whitening strips do damage teeth. Studies have found hydrogen peroxide strips to damage the protein layer of the teeth, dentin. Dentin supports and strengthens the tooth enamel. When hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with your teeth, it can have damaging effects on your enamel.

Teeth whitening strips are also not entirely effective and cannot in fact change the colour of your teeth if you have fillings, bridges, crowns and more.

Other modes of teeth whitening

If you are facing yellowness or staining and whitening strips is no longer an option for you, worry not. From teeth whitening pens, to whitening trays, powders, procedures and kits, there are many more effective options for you to choose from.

Whitening Pens

A teeth whitening pen is filled with a whitening serum. Manufacturers differ in their ingredients of this serum but its goal is to cover dark spots and brighten your teeth. Created to give you pearly whites on the go, a whitening pen is efficient and convenient for those with minor yellowness and staining looking for a quick fix. Results for a pen generally last a few weeks. Toothsi spark teeth whitening pen contains Phthalimido Peroxy Caproic Acid(PAP), Sorbitol, glycerin, and many more helpful ingredients that can bring your teeth whiteness in little to no time.

Whitening Powder

A whitening powder is another no-fuss whitening product. All you need to do is apply some powder on your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it and you will have whiter and brighter teeth. Our power white's PAP+ teeth whitening powder is entirely enamel safe and gives whiter teeth, fresher breath, and no teeth sensitivity while reducing stains from coffee, red wine, smoking and other habits.

Whitening Device

Whitening devices are electronic devices with light technology that are inserted in the mouth for a few minutes. Our makeO toothsi whitening device is FDA-approved, safe and easy to use and is powered by blue LED technology to give you a white smile in 30 minutes. You can check it out in our holistic teeth whitening kit which contains shade cards, teeth whitening pens, a portable hands-free whitening device and a user manual. This teeth whitening kit will help you achieve your best smile from the comfort of your own home in less than an hour and the results will definitely blow you away!

Whitening Procedures

And for those who are noticing significant amounts of yellowness or staining and are clueless about what to do, choose to visit a dentist. Your dentist will be able to guide you through the different alternatives and suggest the right teeth whitening procedure for you.

All in all, teeth whitening strips may look like they are a convenient solution but they can bring damage to your enamel. Instead look for FDA-approved, enamel-safe products for whitening such as makeO toothsi’s products or choose a professional teeth whitening procedure done by a dentist.


Are whitening strips OK for your teeth?

While some whitening strips are safe to use, many contain hydrogen peroxide which can damage the tooth enamel.

Can I use whitening strips every day?

No. it is best not to use these strips everyday as they contain hydrogen peroxide.

Do whitening strips work permanently?

No, whitening strips do not work permanently and hence cannot replace good dental hygiene and eating habits. To avoid yellowness and staining permanently you must quit smoking and avoid beverages like coffee, tea and red wine.

What is the fastest teeth whitening method?

Doing professional teeth bleaching by a dentist is known to be the quickest and the most effective way of whitening your teeth. You can also explore makeO toothsi’s teeth whitening kit for a quick, comfortable and efficient way of teeth whitening.

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