Get Your Bright Pearly Smile Back With Teeth Whitening Treatments

Dental crown whitening

Who doesn’t want to have a bright pearly smile? Teeth whitening is considered one of the finest and most effective ways of making that happen. But what if you have dental crowns? Does teeth whitening work on crowns? Is it even safe?

If you wear dental crowns and want to undergo teeth whitening for crowns, you will have such questions running through your mind and possibly more. What if we told you, you could get you answers to all those questions? Read along to find out.

Can dental crowns be whitened?

Before diving deep into the subject of teeth whitening for crowns, let us first understand what dental crowns are made up of. When a person's tooth decay has reached a point where their teeth begin to weaken, they will be advised to opt for a dental crown. Crowns are made up of different materials like gold, stainless steel, ceramic, resin-based materials, and porcelain. Apart from gold and stainless steel, all the other materials look a lot like natural teeth.

While making a dental crown for you, your dentist will check the natural shade of your teeth and ensure that your crown resembles the same shade. This gives your artificial crown a natural look.

Unfortunately, the chemicals used in a teeth whitening for crowns process have no effect on these dental crowns. They do not bond to the crown material like real teeth, making no difference in the appearance of the crown after a teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Process

To address this issue, your dentist will recommend you undergo a teeth whitening process before installing the crown. The colour of the real tooth beneath the crown will anyway be lighter and much whiter than the tooth beside it. The material of the crown is also chosen in a way that does not stain easily, ensuring that your crowned tooth will not lose its colour anytime soon.

Dentists share that regardless of whether you have a dental crown or not, you can undergo a teeth whitening treatment to whiten the shade of your real teeth without worrying about causing any damage to the crown.

So, what does the process of a teeth whitening treatment at a dentist’s clinic look like?

There are 5 steps in a professional teeth whitening process with a dentist.

  • Checking the shade
  • Cleaning and Polishing
  • Coating with a whitening agent
  • Rinsing
  • Fluoride Treatment

The results of this teeth whitening process can last up to 5-6 months depending on your lifestyle choices and genetics. If you wish to whiten your teeth again after some time, you will have to visit the dentist’s clinic again and repeat the process.

Fix your dental discolouration at makeO toothsi

We have good news for you! You do not necessarily have to go to the dentist every few months to whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening for crowns can be done right from your living room and that too without any professional help. It is as simple as brushing your teeth daily.

makeO toothsi is India’s most innovative oral health care brand that has launched its Teeth Whitening Kit.

This kit comes with 3 teeth-whitening pens, 1 LED mouth tray, 1 shade card so you can track the progress yourself and 1 user manual.

There are 4 simple steps to using this teeth whitening kit at home.

  • Apply the gel on the surface of your teeth
  • Turn the mouth tray on and place it on your teeth for a few minutes
  • Take off the tray and rinse your teeth
  • Now track the shift in the colour of your teeth from the shade card to see the magic!

It is that simple to whiten your teeth at home. You can repeat the process after a few weeks if you wish and ensure that your smile looks dazzling at all times.


Ready to get your teeth whitened? makeO toothsi is just one booking away from helping you get your brightest, most confident and most beautiful smile ever. Ordering a teeth whitening kit from makeO toothsi is as simple as ordering food from your phone. Just simply use the product on your teeth and you have the smile you’ve always desired for! Place your orders for this innovative teeth whitening kit by makeO toothsi today.

Teeth Whitening for Dental Crowns: FAQs

Does teeth whitening work on crowns?

Unfortunately, no. The chemicals used in a teeth whitening process do not have any effect on the material of the dental crown.

How do you remove stains from crowns?

There are ways to remove stains from your dental crowns. It needs to be done by a professional dentist. They will probably use a diamond paste or airflow technology to remove the stains on your dental crown.

Can you change the colour of a tooth crown?

While signs of stains can be removed, there is no way to change the colour of your tooth crown. They are custom-made by a professional to match the colour of your natural teeth to give you a seamless look.

How to perform teeth whitening for crowns and veneers?

Porcelain veneers and dental crowns can be whitened but only with the help of a professional. Some ways to whiten veneers and crowns include brushing with non-abrasive polishing toothpaste, teeth whitening on the back of the teeth and visiting your dentist for professional polishing.

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