Do Braces Hurt? How to Relieve Braces Pain?


Braces or dental braces are a type of orthodontic treatment that treats numerous dental issues such as crowding, misalignment, crooked teeth and smile correction. Generally associated with pain, and discomfort, these consist of metal brackets, wires and elastic bands.

Do braces hurt?

When you visit an orthodontist for metal braces, they first begin by fixing bands around the back molars. Then they apply a special glue to the teeth onto which the brackets are stuck. Followed by which the brackets are connected by wires and secured with elastic bands.

But, does getting braces hurt? The entire procedure takes about 1-2 hours and it is not painful. Your teeth will feel a pinch or two but not any braces pain!

When do braces hurt?

When the elastic bands that secure anything slowly begin to apply pressure on your teeth it causes braces tooth pain a few hours after they are fixed. This braces tooth pain can last for two days to a week too. During this time, you will experience tightness and soreness in your gums and teeth while chewing. There will be some amount of pain in the inside of your cheeks. Slowly but surely the user will get accustomed to the pressure and the pain will reduce.

To ensure that the braces tightened pain is as low as possible, you must make sure to avoid having hard and chewy food. Some examples of food items to avoid during this time are:

  • Ice cream

  • Nuts

  • Hard ice

  • Hard rolls and bread

  • Candies

  • Popcorn

  • Thick chips, taco shells and corn chips

  • Granola bars

Braces Tightening Also Causes Pain

The bands, brackets and wires on your teeth are used to apply pressure on them and straighten them. Every 3-4 weeks, your braces cause your teeth to move which may make the braces lose. To continue moving your teeth in the right direction and correct your smile, braces need to be tightened by an orthodontist.

This is also the time for your orthodontist to track the progress made and evaluate the pressure on your teeth. This is why after your braces are tightened the pain and soreness stay for a few days. Having a painkiller can help ease the pain for some time after which your teeth will get adjusted to it!

Tips to Relieve Pain From Braces

If you are planning on getting braces or have already begun your dental braces journey, here are some tips on how to relieve pain from braces that you will find helpful.

  • Over-the-counter painkillers like Ibuprofen can help reduce the pain and discomfort braces and braces tightening can cause. These can also reduce the inflammation in your gums.

  • Another way to relieve pain from braces is to rub oral anaesthetics on your teeth and gums to fight off the braces pain.

  • An ice pack, often used for sprains and more can be used near your mouth and numb the braces pain too.

  • If you do not have an ice pack available, then sip ice-cold water which can help in a similar manner.

  • Reversely, even a warm water rinse with salt can kill bacteria and reduce pain!

  • Orthodontists also use soft wax between the walls of the mouth and the braces so as to avoid pain, cuts or sores inside. This acts like a barrier and keeps the inside of your mouth protected from wires and more.

  • Massaging your gums in a gentle circular motion is also an effective way to ward off teeth pain after braces.

Now that you know why braces hurt and how to stop braces pain, you can be ready for your teeth-straightening treatment. One of the most important things to remember is to be patient, consume soft foods, and practise a good dental hygiene routine.

But if you think that you want to avoid this braces pain as much as possible, another effective option is the makeO toothsi teeth aligners. These invisible aligners cause minimal pain, as they use very gentle pressure to move your teeth and correct your smile. And, they are removable and invisible too! Check out an affordable treatment option at just Rs 3,219/ month at makeO toothsi!


How long do teeth hurt after braces?

When an orthodontist tightens your wires or adjusts your braces, you are bound to feel some pain for typically 2-3 days. This pain can last up to a week before it subsides and your mouth gets used to it.

How can I make my braces stop hurting?

You can fight the braces pain by taking a painkiller, using oral anaesthetics, using a cold compress, gargling with salt water, doing a gum massage etc.

How painful are braces on the first day?

While the pain after getting your braces adjusted is lesser on day 1, it increases in the days that follow and can last up to a week!

Does ice cream help with braces pain? Yes, eating soft and cold foods like ice cream and yoghurt can be helpful to numb the braces tooth pain.

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