Understanding the Causes of Buck Teeth and How to Treat It

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Nov 7th

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Protruding or buck teeth usually occur when the upper teeth protrude more than the lower teeth. It is also known as goofy teeth. This condition is annoying, both for adults as well as children, as buck teeth not only cause aesthetic problems but also discomfort. People with buck teeth face difficulty closing their lips tightly, and their teeth protrude more.

This article will provide a detailed guide and an understanding of how to buck teeth are caused and how you can treat them. Keep scrolling through to dive deeper into the details!

Causes of buck teeth

There can be numerous reasons behind one's goofy teeth. Some of the reasons are listed below:

1. Tongue thrusting

Tongue Thrusting is an abnormal tongue position from the swallowing pattern. If the tongue is thrust against the teeth for a short interval, it may not probably affect the teeth's positioning. However, if the tongue consistently rests against the front teeth, then the thrusting habit will lead to the issue of an open bite or protruding incisors.

2. Thumb sucking

The force of sucking can severely affect the alignment of the mouth, teeth and palate. Sometimes, kids grow the habit of sucking their thumbs in their childhood. Also, this habit arises as a response to anxiety, so parents need to try their best to soothe their child to eliminate the child's need to put their thumb in their mouth.

3. Natural alignment

At times, the protruding teeth happen naturally. However, an overbite issue may be hereditary; in this case, parents can do nothing to prevent the occurrence of buck teeth. You need to consult an orthodontist if it looks like your child's jaw and permanent teeth are crooked.

Consequences of buck teeth

Having buck teeth not only affects a person's self-esteem and confidence but leads to numerous disadvantages and can cause serious health issues as well. Some of the consequences of buck teeth are listed below:

  • The appearance of cavities

  • Bumps or fractures due to protruding teeth

  • Problems chewing and discomfort when eating

  • Inflammation of the gums

  • Breathing problems

  • Alterations of the shape of the face

Treatment for buck teeth

To get a confident and aligned smile, you can get the buck teeth treatment. Some of the treatment options include:

1. Braces

Buck teeth braces can help in correcting the position of teeth in order to reduce pain and any other issues from an overbite. The dentist will place the bracket to each tooth and will fit wire against each bracket and use the rubber bands to hold the braces in place. Buck teeth braces may feel tight and uncomfortable at once but will become comfortable after continuous application. If braces irritate your mouth or cheeks, individuals can consult their doctor.

2. Overbite surgery

In some serious cases, people may require surgery as the best buck teeth treatment. In addition, if there is a difference between the upper and lower jaw, you must get surgery done to properly align the jaw.

Even before and after getting buck teeth treatment, you need to ensure dental hygiene tips. Some of them are listed below:

Dental hygiene tips before and after buck teeth treatment

  • Brush the teeth regularly and twice a daily

  • To remove plaque buildup, floss daily

  • Use fluoride-based toothpaste

  • Get annual dental checkups or visit your orthodontist as regularly as required

  • Limit the consumption of alcohol and tobacco products

  • Consult a dentist if people are experiencing any issues with teeth or unexpected changes in smell or taste

  • If you face dry mouth due to a medication, immediately consult a doctor about alternative medications

  • for dry mouth, drinking plenty of water

  • The severe medical condition puts people at risk of gum disease such as diabetes; take steps to manage the condition

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