7 Common Teeth Whitening Myths, Busted!

Teeth whitening facts and myths

Teeth whitening is no more a luxury procedure and is a popular dental procedure that many people opt for to get rid of their pale and yellow teeth. With so many teeth whitening products available in the market today, it is natural for you to get overwhelmed when it comes to picking a teeth whitening method. To top it off, there are dozens of myths circling teeth whitening which further add to the dilemma.

So, we have decided to make your life easy by debunking 7 popular teeth whitening myths that you must have heard at some point in your life.

Here are 7 teeth whitening myths busted for you

Let’s debunk some of the most common misconceptions that people have about teeth whitening. Here are 7 of the most popular myths about teeth whitening that you must have come across.

Myth #1: It is possible to whiten your dental crowns and veneers

Remember that you can only whiten your natural teeth. This means that you cannot whiten your crowns, veneers and fillings using any of the popular teeth whitening procedures.

Myth #2: Oil pulling is effective in removing stains

You might have heard that swishing coconut oil in your mouth helps you whiten your teeth. However, there is no scientific proof that oil pulling actually helps to significantly whiten your teeth.

Myth #3: It damages your enamel

Many people feel that teeth whitening damages your tooth enamel. This is far from the truth. If done professionally or using a good quality teeth whitening product, teeth whitening is perfectly safe doesn’t negatively affect your tooth enamel.

Myth #4: You cannot whiten sensitive teeth

Wondering whether this is a teeth whitening fact or myth ? This is again not true. You can consider whitening your sensitive teeth. Just make sure that you inform your dentist in advance about your teeth sensitivity so that he or she can suggest to you the best teeth whitening method to opt for.

Myth #5: Teeth whitening will cause your teeth to become extremely sensitive

While a slight sensitivity is not uncommon, if you feel a burning or stinging sensation in your mouth after you use a teeth whitening product, then it is recommended you stop using the product immediately and see your dentist.

Myth #6: Your teeth will look unnatural after teeth whitening

Remember that you get to decide how often and for how long you want to use a teeth whitening strip or gel and hence you get to in a way control how white your teeth will appear. Remember that there is only so much a teeth whitening product can do and hence you never have to worry about your teeth looking unnaturally white.

Myth #7: The results last a lifetime

This is one of the biggest teeth whitening myths that you must have come across. If you think that your teeth will remain bright and white for the rest of your life after a teeth whitening procedure, then we are here to rain on your parade and tell you that that is not the case. Your teeth will stain every time you sip wine, smoke, drink or indulge in teeth-staining foods.

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Does teeth whitening damage the tooth?

No, most of the teeth whitening methods available at our disposal today are safe and don’t damage your tooth enamel.

What permanently whitens teeth?

A dental veneer can give you permanently white teeth. It is a thin piece made of porcelain material that is put on top of your original teeth to give you bright and shiny teeth.

How many times a year is it safe to go for a teeth whitening treatment?

Dentists recommend patients not whiten their teeth professionally more than one or two times a year for the best results.

How can you naturally whiten your teeth?

You can consider indulging in an apple cider rinse or using a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste to get bright and white teeth naturally.

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