Busting Myths About Clear Aligners' Cost: The Real Deal


Hey there! Have you ever come across any myths? If so, you must’ve been curious to find out whether it holds significance in the real world, and whether to trust such myths or not is a burning question. Let’s say, the case of clear aligners, our unsung heroes for teeth that prove to be a blessing in disguise for anyone facing crooked teeth issues.

It’s time to put an end to the stereotypes and myths related to the clear aligners’ cost. The truth shall prevail and that’s why we’re here. Because if there’s something strange and it doesn’t look so good, who are you going to call? That’s right! The toothsi mythbusters.


Stay ahead of everyone with this exclusive information and find out what makes toothsi’s clear aligners the best of the rest!

Myth #1 – They charge you extra at every step Reality – It’s a common misconception that buying braces will drain your bank and leave you with no money. Well, we don’t think that the person who spread this myth knew about toothsi’s smile makeover plan. Your clear aligner’s cost as per the severity of your misalignment. We suggest you the toothsi easy or toothsi prime plan, whichever fits your requirements at easy to pay EMIs. And what’s even better? You pay only once you approve the entire plan laid out for you. So, charging extra at every step becomes out of question, say bye-bye to this rumor.

Myth #2 - Only celebrities can afford a smile makeover, not us! Reality – When we say, ‘get your celeb-like smile’, we mean it. At toothsi, anyone can afford a smile makeover journey. The toothsi smile makeover plan is super economical and these clear aligner’s cost does not burn a hole in your pocket. In addition, we at toothsi only wish to provide you the best experience and so we offer an easyoffer easy EMI payment option for you to kickstart your smile makeover journey. These installments cost you less than those fancy make up items, expensive food bills and other whatnots of the celebs you adore. Now, need we really say more?

Myth #3 – The added costs are very expensive Reality – All we’d like to say is a big NO! Expensive isn’t synonymous to aligners and toothsi wants to change this narrative. Your 3D scan, virtual results, your plan of action and all-time support from a team of qualified orthodontists is all included once you choose us. The assessment of your teeth, the evaluation and designing of your customized trays and an aligner’s kit as per your needs, your clear aligners’ cost comes with all this at an affordable cost is a steal deal at toothsi. Enough said.

So folks, you see how it takes a minute to bust these myths about clear aligner’s cost? It’s that easy with toothsi clear aligner as your smile transformation expert. We specialize in delivering your desired smile at an affordable teeth aligner’s cost in India.Whether you wish to brighten up your teeth with the easy to use at-home toothsi spark teeth whitening kit or the at-home self-impression kit to quickly replicate your teeth structure through the moulds and identify your toothsi plan, we’ve got you covered for all your teeth related needs.

Your search for the most affordable aligners cost in India is finally over, folks! toothsi is the real deal when it comes to teeth straightening treatments, so visit our website today and let’s meet, your place, your time!

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