Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary When You Get Braces?

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As they rightly say, ‘ No two smiles are the same’. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to teeth straightening treatment. While one person might require a tooth extraction during his or her braces treatment, another person might get away with not having any tooth removal for his or her braces treatment.

The dental braces journey is customised and no two people have the same treatment experience. Want to know more about braces and teeth removal? Read along as we tell you everything you must know about tooth extraction for braces.

Is tooth extraction necessary for braces?

No, it is not always necessary for braces. Very few people have to get a tooth extraction for their braces or clear aligners treatment. Your orthodontist will study your dental case and accordingly recommend a tooth removal if it is absolutely needed for your teeth straightening.

When is extraction necessary for braces?

A tooth extraction becomes inevitable if your teeth are overcrowded and there is no space in your mouth for your orthodontist to fix your braces or clear aligners. You might need a teeth extraction for braces also in case your teeth are severely protruded and your orthodontist wants to correct your case of overbite or open bite.

So, if your dentist or orthodontist feels like extraction of one or more teeth can free up space in your mouth and make room for the rest of your teeth and in turn fix your bite issues, he or she may suggest a tooth extraction.

What to expect from extraction?

If the tooth is healthy, then a simple extraction will be performed by your dentist. However, if the tooth is broken or damaged, then you might require a surgical extraction where your dentist will open your gums and extract your tooth.

What are the side effects of tooth extraction?

Wondering if there are any consequences of getting your teeth extracted before getting braces? Here are some potential side effects that you must know before you go ahead with a tooth extraction for braces.

  • Swelling
  • Shortness of breath
  • Excessive bleeding

Does tooth extraction change face shape?

Yes, it can change your face shape. Sometimes your orthodontist or dentist might recommend you to consider a teeth extraction for braces or clear aligners journey because it will improve your face profile. This happens if you suffer from overcrowding of teeth or severe protrusion of the front teeth.

How long should it hurt after getting a tooth extraction?

Typically, it should not take more than three days for your teeth and gums to heal after tooth extraction. However, note that some teeth have deeper roots than others and can take longer to heal completely. Note that if the swelling and bleeding persist for more than 3 days, it is best to consult your dentist to ensure that it is nothing serious.

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Is tooth extraction safe for braces?

Yes, the removal of one or more teeth for your braces is completely safe. Your orthodontist will study your case and decide whether the tooth extraction is needed in the first place.

Does tooth extraction speed up braces?

Yes, this is possible. If you have extracted your teeth and made space for your other teeth, there is a chance that there will be rapid teeth movement and you will get straighter teeth in no time.

What comes first tooth extraction or braces?

Tooth extraction comes first and then followed by your braces treatment. If there is a need for tooth removal, your orthodontist will first tackle that and make room for teeth movement.

Can I get braces on the same day as the tooth extraction?

If you get a tooth extraction for your braces treatment, we recommend that you wait for a few weeks for your gums to heal before you start your braces treatment.

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